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Fight Against COVID-19 With Knowledge of Ayurveda

Fight Against COVID-19 With Knowledge of Ayurveda

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Ayurveda is in news again to save the world from pandemic with its ancient knowledge of herbs. Ashwagandha, an ancient ayurvedic herb, is popular for its various health and wellness benefits. With collaborative research by Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology and IIT- Delhi, it is found to be a very effective preventive and therapeutic drug against covid- 19. With propolis, a compound produced from Bee, Ashwagandha found more potential against novel coronavirus. The sticky, greenish brown named propolis is found in the market and ashwagandha capsule is already a known supplement in the market. Both are available easily.

In the same way, turmeric with curcumin is showing exceptional therapeutic effects on COVID-19 in a number of cases.

Many doctors and experts are also suggesting Giloy to include as the demands of the time. Giloy is proving good for regulating the blood sugar level, boosting immunity, chronic fever, dengu, better digestion, and many others but now it is also showing very good effects on novel coronavirus. Though we all know the health benefits of these herbs, here is some evidence that aid you to decide whether you should include it in your daily life or not.

What Researchers Have To Say On Ashwagandha:

D Sundar, Head, Department of Biotechnology, IIT Delhi said, "The researchers targeted SARS-CoV-2's main enzyme for splitting proteins, known as the main protease (Mpro) that plays a key role in mediating viral replication. This is an attractive drug target for this virus, and as humans don't naturally have this enzyme, compounds that target Mpro are likely to have low toxicity".

"The findings may not only connect to save time and cost required for screening for anti-COVID-19 drugs, but may also offer some preventive and therapeutic value for the management of fatal COVID-19 pandemic, and hence, warrant prioritised validation in the laboratory and clinical tests," he said.

He said that "although these are easily available and affordable, one has to be cautious about the content of bioactive ingredients. CAPE, while is a major component of propolis, its amount and stability are critical factors that could be managed by generating its complex with cyclodextrins".

According to Dr, Sundar, developing drugs may need time, it is better to use ashwagandha capsule and propolis supplement for some therapeutic and preventive value.

What Researchers Have To Say About Giloy?:

Multiple clinical tests are performed all over the world for possible treatment of COVID-19 as the number of novel coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly. Some of the herbs have shown some positive results, Giloy is one of them. Whether you believe it or not, Giloy has shown some positive effects in eradicating the virus by boosting immunity in our body. It is not proved yet, Giloy to be a complete cure of the novel coronavirus but already have shown significant results in treating the viral infection. So, it is advised to keep Giloy handy these days whether you are suffering, recovering, or found negative from COVID-19.

The Union Ministry of Ayush had released an advisory, soon after the SARS-CoV-2 virus outbreak in which Giloy was prescribed as one of the measures against novel coronavirus. The national clinical management protocol was based on Ayurveda and yoga for management.

According to the advisory, People with higher risk of corona infection should take 500 mg extract 2 times a day. Or they can take 1-3 gram powder twice a day with warm water. It should be taken daily for at least 15 days but more beneficial if taken for 30 days.

For a wide range of benefits, the Union Ministry of Ayush advised people to take a combination of giloy, amla, and gokshura in prescribed amounts for aiding in symptoms like sore throat, headache, tiredness, fever, and weakness.

What Research Say About Turmeric On COVID-19:

Till that time, there is no specific antiviral therapy available for it. Researchers have intensified their research to get the successful drug for therapy. Until they get the universal one, combination therapy is considered best according to them. Curcumin is found as a wonder drug for preventing COVID 19 and lowering the symptoms of it. Curcumin is a chemical yellow substance found in turmeric that has a large number of medical properties.

In Indian setting, many hospitalized patients had noticed a very strong defence protective system against CoV infections after taking a combination of nutritional supplements of zinc and vitamins C with curcumin. Also noticed the increased bioavailability and solubility in the nanoemulsion system with taking the combination. So, researchers are working on formulating an advanced mode of drug with improved biological properties that would be helpful in preventing SARS-COV2 transmission in human beings.

So, turmeric and its curcumin is found as a supportive therapy for COVID-19 treatment and circumantive the deathly SARS-CoV-2 effects.

All the research has shown that the complete therapeutic drug is not available to us yet. We can use the knowledge of ayurveda, especially these Herbs as supportive therapy. Though these all herbs should be incorporated for common lifestyle, the time is very crucial to start the new habits toward heath. Many herbs are available as supplements like ashwagandha capsule, curcumin tablet, and others. Brands make it easy to access the ayurvedic medicines online if you don't have access to the herbs in their natural form, you can trust them. As novel coronavirus is attacking our immune system, immunity booster herbs are being the ray of hope for mankind these days. So, researchers are seeing silver linings there.

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