Get to the Root of the Matter

A root canal procedure is one of the best ways to get rid of tooth infection without losing your tooth. One canalso recover quickly by following these practices
Get to the Root of the Matter


Avoid certain foods and habits to speed up your recovery after a root canal therapy. You should refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol or hot beverages, drinking with a straw, biting, or eating tough food.

Root Canal treatment is a dental treatment procedure. When the pulp, which is made up of nerves and blood vessels in the tooth, develops an infection or is injured, root canal procedure is carried out. Infection in the teeth occurs when a cavity is neglected over an extended period of time. Additionally, it could happen if a traumatised tooth cracks or sustains other damage.

The pulp is taken out during a root canal therapy, and the interior of the tooth is cleaned and sealed. Following root canal therapy, appropriate oral hygiene must be practised to stop future tooth damage and speed up the healing process for the treated teeth.

When do you need Root Canal Procedure

Many times, you may not notice that your tooth has been infected. However, some people do notice certain symptoms. These are:

Toothache does not go away: Tooth discomfort can be caused by a variety of dental issues. You could require root canal therapy if you experience discomfort deep inside your tooth.

Sensitive teeth: You may require root canal therapy if your tooth hurts when you eat ice cream or drink hot coffee. This is particularly true if the pain lasts for a long time.

Swollen gums: Pus can build up around an infected tooth. As a result, gums may become swollen, puffy, or sensitive.

Discoloration of the teeth: When a tooth's pulp becomes infected, your tooth may appear darker. This happens as a result of the tooth's inadequate blood supply.

Loose Tooth: A tooth with an infection may feel looser. This is because the bone supporting the tooth can become softer due to the pus from the affected pulp.

While preparing for a root canal procedure, take medications that have been prescribed to you in case your infection is severe. You should also avoid smoking as the healing process of your body is hampered by tobacco products. And most importantly it is a good idea to eat before your visit because the local anaesthetic used during root canal therapy will cause your mouth to be numb for a few hours.

How to speed up the recovery process from a Root Canal Therapy

Following a root canal therapy, appropriate oral hygiene must be practiced to stop further tooth damage and to speed up the process of healing of the treated teeth. The following guidelines can be followed to hasten recuperation and prevent any issue:

Do not eat for a few hours after the procedure and sleep with your head elevated: There can be some swelling and discomfort near the treated tooth right after the root canal procedure. For the first few days, try to sleep with your head elevated to lessen the pain. And make sure not to eat immediately after the procedure, wait for the numbness to subside.

Take medication for pain: You can control the pain and discomfort in the jaws and gums, that is caused once the anaesthesia from the procedure wears off by taking anti-inflammatory pain medication prescribed by your dentist.

Gargle with warm salt water: The gums surrounding the treated tooth are vulnerable to infection. It is advised to routinely rinse the mouth with warm, somewhat salty water to maintain the mouth clean and fend against infection.

Don't engage in any demanding activity for a few days: Take some time off after your root canal procedure. Refrain from any vigorous activity for at least 48 hours.

Avoid anything that can cause inflammation:Avoid certain foods and habits to speed up your recovery after a root canal therapy. You should refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol or hot beverages, drinking with a straw, biting, or eating tough food.

It can be very frightening to have tooth ache or jaw swelling. But root canal treatment can eliminate the illness at its source, and speed up your recovery process. Quick medical attention can stop infection from spreading and allowing you to resume your daily activities at ease. Visit your dentist as soon as you think you may have an infected tooth.

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