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Happy New Year: 5 Fitness Tips For a Healthier You

The New Year 2022 is the best opportunity to start focusing on health as people across the world have suffered during the past years due to COVID-19.

Happy New Year: 5 Fitness Tips For a Healthier You

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  1 Jan 2022 11:21 AM GMT

The New Year 2022 is celebrated with great joy and excitement after past years of global pandemic COVD-19 so this year is a better opportunity to start with energy, positivity and good mental/physical health.

The importance of fitness has been realized by many during the last years and many have started working on it.

Throughout the recent years, people have become much conscious about their health to prevent themselves from any disease and focusing on health always gives wonderful outcomes.

A healthier life is very significant during the present days when people are easily getting affected by various types of physical health problems.

Along with the huge celebration of New Year 2022, it is also the best time to look back and realize how people suffered from health issues and also to look forward to the improvement in a healthier life. With the rise in the spread of COVID-19 people across the world has suffered due to low immunity and other issues with heath which led them to face the deadly coronavirus and also led to the loss of many lives.

In view of maintaining good health, Dr Jennifer Pabhu who is a Managing Director in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics has suggested five fitness tips:

1. Eat Green Vegetables: Eating more green plants often proves to be much helpful in various types of health-related problems as it works as a medicine. The plants provide essential natural Vitamin C and Vitamin E that helps in the nutrition of the body and keep away from diseases. Green plants boost immunity therefore start the fresh Year 2022 with a stronger immune system. Some of the green vegetables that one must eat are palak, broccoli and other leafy green.

Pumpkin seeds, Til (Sesame seeds), Mushrooms, Nuts, Beans and Lentils that consist of Zinc are helpful in keeping away all the viruses.

To reduce inflammation in the body consume more Vitamin D-rich foods that are mostly available in fortified cereals and plant-based milk such as oat, soya, rice and almond.

2. Reduce the foods from the diet that produce Inflammation- People often remain unaware of the fact that what they eat ultimately affects the digestive system therefore they must understand what to eat and what not. Some of the mild diseases like sudden headache, pain and acne are mainly the outcomes of what we put in our mouth to eat.

People might not believe but one of the most pro-inflammatory foods is mainly milk and milk products such as cheese, dahi, paneer and butter. If an individual lives 1-2 dairy-free days he/she will realize the difference. There will be fewer acne issues and the body will experience no pain but relief.

3. Exercise through walking: Experts suggest that a fancy gym is not necessary to take the advantage of cardiovascular exercise. Just walking fast is one of the best ways to keep a healthy body and healthy heart.

4. Sleep: Sleeping is one of the most important needs to keep a healthier mind and body. Less sleep may result in stress, anxiety and other mental issues which may ultimately lead to physical health problems. On this New Year set the resolution to sleep on time and meditate regularly to get a better sleep which will help you live a healthy life.

5. Teach an old dog a new trick- People must keep making new goals in life so that they can always look forward to something interesting and never lose hope. This is the best way to booster the mental state with positive changes. According to research people with no goal in their life faces mood disorders resulting in depression and anxiety.

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