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Darjeeling Tea: Its Benefits & Recipe

Darjeeling tea is a renowned tea variety, consumed in different parts of the world. Read this article to know the benefits of Darjeeling tea, its recipe.

Darjeeling Tea: Its Benefits & Recipe

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Darjeeling tea is a very renowned variety of tea that is being consumed from various corners of the world. This is unique for its versatility as it is refined in several ways which turn into white, black, oolong, and green tea.

It is prepared from 'Camellia sinensis' which is a Chinese tea variety. The leaves are thin which carries a golden-bronze tone with a fruity, floral fragrance. It grows into three flushes. The first one occurs from March to May, the second one from June to Aug, and the third one from Oct to Nov. It is grown in Darjeeling district, West Bengal, India.

Experts believe that the especially of this tea is that it has an aroma of citrus fruits, floral and also vegetal quality. The taste is sweeter which is less bitter than other kinds of black tea.

It is considered 'the champagne of teas' as it tastes like the champagne produced in France.

Continue reading this article to know about several benefits of Darjeeling tea which is useful for your health along with its recipe.

What are the benefits?

The leaves comprise healthy plant compounds that are very advantageous in fighting inflammation and long-term diseases. However, it possesses several other advantages that can have a great impact on your health. Some are mentioned below:

1. Keep heart hale and hearty:

Studies have proven that phytonutrient-enriched plant substance which is present in tea can help to bring down the cholesterol level. High cholesterol can be harmful leading to higher blood pressure, various heart diseases. So, consuming it can decrease the possibility of such kind of harmful diseases.

2. Helps fighting cancer:

there exist essential antioxidant compounds in Darjeeling tea i.e. thearubigins and theaflavins. These powerful compounds act as a protective shield against harmful molecules that is responsible for damaging DNA. It is also significant in compressing cancerous tumors and also protects against UV rays.

3. Bring down blood sugar level:

Diabetes is a long-term health disorder that attacks the body's insulin. Studies have found out that this tea can bring down the blood sugar level and helps in processing insulin into bodies more effectively.

4. Improves digestion:

The polyphenols present in Darjeeling tea helps to accelerate healthy bacterial growth which is beneficial for the digestive mechanism. It also helps in losing weight.

5. Prevents cavities:

Compounds present in this tea helps in cutting down bacterial growth and prevents plaque and dental cavities. It also reduces your bad breath and helps in making your teeth stronger.

Recipe of Darjeeling tea:

Below is the perfect recipe to make fresh aromatic Darjeeling tea:

• Just boil eight to twelve ounces of water and pour it into a mug.

• Now dip a tea bag into it and let it rest for around three to five minutes. You can keep it for longer as per your taste.

• If you opt for the leaves then just place one spoon of leaves into a strainer and pour out hot water onto it.

• You could mix sugar or honey if you wish.

• Lastly, enjoy sip by sip

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