Help keep your kid's teeth intact

Parents should inculcate good dental habits in their children for healthy teeth.
Help keep your kid's teeth intact


Right from the moment the initial teeth start to grow in children, it's crucial to upgrade to a healthy oral hygiene routine to keep at arm's length the most common dental problems that children face. Dental related problems are usual in children of all ages, which is the reason why preventive and dynamic care is so essential.

Here are five of the extremely recurrent dental issues that children and adolescents face:

Tooth Decay (Cavities)

Many young children aren't skillful at brushing and flossing without supervision. Coupled with the fact that various kids might have a diet of sugar-heavy abundance, cavities can become a major matter of concern. Tooth decay occurs when sticky plaque gathers on the teeth's surface.

Parents should supervise and assist children in brushing their teeth until they can unwaveringly grasp and use a toothbrush on their own. Parents must assure that kids are removing bacteria, plaque, and food particles from their teeth routinely as it will help prevent premature tooth decay

Oral Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth can be unbearable and intrusive, often disrupting a child's concentration and routine. Some of the different things that can cause your child's teeth to feel sensitive include: areas of decay, a cracked or missing filling, acid erosion and enamel wear, teeth grinding, newly emerged permanent teeth and orthodontic treatment.

If teeth sensitivity is the outcome of a dental related problem, such as a cavity, you should consult your dentist right away to head off the issue from becoming worse.

Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can happen at any time since kids play sports, roughhouse with siblings, or fall while riding a bike; all emergency scenarios in which the probability of a dental-related accident can occur. These accidents can turn out to be teeth chipping, cracking or breaking. In more dreadful circumstances, a permanent tooth may be eliminated entirely.

Although there's only little a parent can undertake to avoid such emergencies, a custom mouth guard can be an efficacious option to help prevent the sports-related injuries

Pediatric Gingivitis and Gum Disease

Gingivitis and gum disease usually takes place in children and are often quite frequent in pediatric dental patients and is marked by swollen red gums with little bleeding when the child brushes or flosses.

Gum disease is more truculent in children with deficient oral hygiene. It is inclusive of pain in the mouth, and areas of swelling. In most cases, such ailments could have been avoided if more care was implemented to floss and brush daily.

Excessive Thumb Swallowing

Many infants and little children avail themselves of thumb-sucking as a means to soothe and relieve anxiety. Most often, chronic sucking of thumb and pacifier use can lead to what is known as an open bite which is when the front teeth of the upper part don't come together with that of the lower front teeth, leaving a gap even at a time when the mouth is closed. This can turn out to be difficult for the child to bite and chew, as well as even affect their speech.

Ultimately, being a healthy and pleasant role model by flossing and brushing with your child and assuring that they don't miss out their dental appointments are excellent and fruitful ways to encourage healthy dental habits for their entire life.

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