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Here's what you should do when your new-born is down with fever

It is considered serious if an infant's temperature is 100.4 degree or higher especially for babies younger than 2 months old. This requires an urgent evaluation by your doctor.

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New-borns regulation system is immature so they lack a controlled thermostat to help regulate their body temperature so they catch fever easily. If a baby is 2 months old and has a temperature 100.4 degrees or above then it's a serious case and urgent evaluation from a baby care specialist is needed.

A baby's normal temperature oscillates somewhere close to 98.6°F.

There can be several factors that can cause your baby fever. It can be for viral or any bacterial infection, overheating of his or her body, and dehydration.

Here's how you can check a new-born temperature rectally:

1. Sanitize the thermometer properly with rubbing alcohol or soap.

2. Surface the end of the thermometer in any safe lubricant.

3. Take away any cloth or diaper from your child's bottom.

4. Lay down your infant on their stomach on a comfortable surface.

5. Hold your infant gently in place while you measure the temperature without letting them move.

6. Turn on the thermometer and insert it only a half-inch to 1 inch in your infant's rectum til the thermometer beeps.

7. Pull out the thermometer carefully and read the temperature.

8. Clean the thermometer properly.

Things you can do to reduce your baby fever:

I. Give your child a hot water bath. Never use cold water because it may cause shivering.

II. The child needs to be dressed in comfortable clothing.

III. Dehydration can cause your baby fever so make sure your baby is getting enough fluids.

IV. Keep your child's room cool and avoid overheating.

V. Acetaminophen is a medication for children that helps fight a fever. Don't forget to read the instructions on the package or ask your doctor before giving the appropriate doses.

Things you should avoid doing while your baby catches fever:

a. Never be late in medical attention for a newborn with persistent fever.

b. Never give medication to your infant without consulting the doctor.

c. Never give medicines prescribed for adults.

d. Never overdress your infant.

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