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How To Survive A Clear Liquid Diet? Know Uses, Benefits, Pros and Cons

In a clear liquid diet, one must completely exclude the solid foods from their diet and consume all liquid with no calories and nutrition. Read to know all about Clear Liquid Diet.

How To Survive A Clear Liquid Diet? Know Uses, Benefits, Pros and Cons

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Before knowing how to survive a clear liquid diet it is important for people to understand the actual meaning of a liquid diet and its benefits along with the pros and cons.

A clear liquid diet is basically a nutrition plan that comprises only liquids like water, juice, tea and other drinks. It is followed by people mainly for weight loss and suggested by doctors for various medical procedures.

Why clear liquid diet is followed by people and what are its benefits:

This type of eating pattern is often instructed by doctors before any medical test like x-rays and colonoscopies and surgeries so that whatever gets inside the body gets easily digested and does not leave any undigested material in the intestine to give clear outcomes.

People suffering from digestive issues like diarrhea, abdominal distention and nausea are advised by doctors to follow the clear liquid diet as it keeps the body hydrated and provides sufficient minerals and vitamins.

For how long one must be on a clear liquid diet:

This type of diet should not be continued for more than three to five days as it is much low in nutrients and calories.

Nutrient deficiency may occur if you are on a clear liquid diet for an excessive period of time and high risk is associated if you are consuming beverages with no essential nutrient.

Pros and Cons:

It is a very effective method for the best process and results for medical tests and surgeries like appendix removal and gall bladder removal.

The liquid diet prevents diseases like vomiting and nausea and improves digestion by hydrating and nourishing the body. One of the major pros of the diet is that it is the best way to lose weight.

There are also some disadvantages of this type of nutrition plan as it is much low in nutrients and calories that would result in a feeling of fatigue and hunger.

The diet is difficult to follow as you cannot eat any solid food with calories or other nutrients and they might also be some side effects.

How to survive a clear liquid diet:

Before any medical procedure, you must ensure a proper clear liquid diet by excluding food like seeds, nuts, grains vegetables and raw fruits from what you consume.

One must go for a clear liquid diet at least before one day of their medical test or surgery by removing all solid foods from the diet plan.

To follow a clear liquid diet one must consume all those liquids given below:

  1. Plain o falvoured water
  2. Juices of fruits like grapes, apple and cranberry
  3. Beverages of fruit falvoured made of lemonade and fruit punch
  4. Carbonated drinks
  5. Sports drinks
  6. Tea and coffee without any milk and cream
  7. Strained Vegetable juice
  8. Fat-free broth
  9. Gelatin
  10. Honey
  11. Clear Enlive
  12. Soft drinks like Pepsi, Sprite, and Diet Coke with no purple and red dyes

One can survive the clear liquid diet by drinking a lot of water throughout the day and by consuming sweet gelatin and salty electrolyte drinks of different varieties.

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