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How to treat your baby's delicate skin. Simple tips to avoid rashes

Expect bumps, rashes and spots in your newborn's skin. There are a number of remedies for it

How to treat your babys delicate skin. Simple tips to avoid rashes

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There could be nothing like the softness of a baby's skin neither like an irritated baby with nappy rash, cradle cap or other skin rashes. While your baby is just perfect, her or his skin may have some issues. Many babies fall prey to irritated skin in future.

Some measures you can follow:

• An infant is prone to rashes:

Most of the baby rashes mean zero harm and disappear on their own. Caring for your baby's skin may seem a tad bit complex, you only have to master 3 simple to-do-lists

Conditions that can be treated naturally?

Which need immediate medical concern?

Preventing them from happening in future?

• Prevent diaper rash:

If your baby is down with red skin around the diaper area, it means your infant is suffering from diaper rash. This is common due to 3 things:

Diapers could be tight

Wet diapers unchanged

A specific brand of diaper, detergent, or baby wipes

The rashes can be prevented if the diaper tape is open for air to pass. It is also advisable to change baby's diapers when it is wet and full.

• Treating pimples and whiteheads

Baby acne is not like teenager kind 'acne'. Research proves that it could be because of yeast and not oil. Baby pimples on their nose and cheeks also disappear naturally and do not cause any harm.

• Eczema

Eczema is itchy and red rash may break out due to a trigger. This is a common condition in children who have a heredity of diseases like asthma, allergies etc in the family or generation. It breaks out on the face as a rash. In time, it turns scaly. It can be seen in the areas such as elbows, or behind the knees.

• Dry skin

It is not a problematic issue if the skin of a newborn infant is peeling. The skin underneath is soft and smooth and very natural.

These are few skin problems that a newborn goes through and is completely normal. Things such as red spots on baby face, baby rash on the face - normally these baby rashes on the face do not need any medical treatment and subsides over time.

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