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Know About The 5 Powerful Immunity Boosters To Fight Omicron

In the wake of Omicron spread along with the existing COVID-19, it has become very important to boost one's immunity. So here are 5 powerful immunity boosters that you must have:

Know About The 5 Powerful Immunity Boosters To Fight Omicron

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In the wake of Omicron spread across the world people need to be much conscious of their immunity and needs to maintain a diet with powerful antioxidant food.

As the world is suffering from a new covid variant Omicron and the third wave of already existing COVID-19, now it has become very important to make a stronger immune system for all human beings.

According to various experts in the field keeping the immune strong can prove to be the best way of preventing the infection and dealing with it.

Strengthening the immune will not only help in protecting oneself from the virus but it will also lead to a healthier life. One can save themselves from the highly mutated strain by eating foods that will work as a benefit for the immune system.

So here are 5 powerful immunity boosters that will help fight Omicron:

1. Ginger and Apple Cider Vinegar Drink: The infection of Omicron mostly affects the upper respiratory system and drinking the ginger and apple cider vinegar juice will protect the respiratory system and strengthen it. According to the Nutritional and Fitness Scientist and co-founder of Food Darzee, Dr. Siddhant Bhargava, ginger and apple cider vinegar helps in boosting immunity as ginger has sesquiterpenes chemicals that can fight cold while apple cider vinegar contains prebiotics and bacteria that prevent respiratory infections. The drink can be made very easily just by adding ginger, lemon and apple cider vinegar in boil water.

2. Turmeric root Tea: Turmeric containing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties is always beneficial in most health issues and it is used as medicine in curing diseases. Eating turmeric keeps a person warm as it is rich in antioxidants and is one of the best ways to cure sore throat. It is also suggested by experts like Coutinho that to drink turmeric root tea to heal cold-related problems like running nose, headache, sore throat among others. It can be made by mixing turmeric root, pepper and raw honey into boil water.

3. Granola Fruit Smoothie: It is a high-protein drink made up of fruits and is very much beneficial in strengthening the immune system. According to expert Dr. Bhargava, the drink is a natural immunity booster for its presence of honey and cinnamon and flaxseed enriched with omega-3 fatty acids are very helpful in cholesterol management and also for heart diseases. To prepare the drink all that is needed are banana, granola, flaxseeds, honey, yogurt and cinnamon.

4. Kadha: Kadha is something used by people across India to cure mild symptoms of any disease since the ancient period. Dr. Bhargava said that homemade Khada is one of the most important ayurvedic mixtures that is preferred in boosting immunity and health. It is made using turmeric, black pepper, caroms seeds and hot water.

5. All in one magic potion: The all in one magic potion helps to expel the mucus buildup and helps detoxify which ultimately results in better immunity. According to Coutinho people has an excess build-up of mucus in the respiratory tract and lungs and as it is a part of our body's defense mechanism therefore it can also create a place for the growth of viruses and bacteria. Thus it is essential to expel the forming of mucus and this drink proves beneficial in this matter because cardamom, fenugreek seeds, mithi seeds and tulsi help loosen up the mucous.

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