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Leave these damaging habits behind to have an evergreen smile

To maintain that healthy white smile, only brushing and flossing regularly does not help. What we forget is our daily diet.

Leave these damaging habits behind to have an evergreen smile

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Most of us do not think twice before eating something, we eat it purely because we crave for it. However, researches have proved how eating the wrong food damages our teeth and gums despite brushing and flossing regularly. From our food to beverages, the impact on our healthy pearly-white teeth is long-term which causes dental cavity and tooth decay causes

To avoid such long-term damages, steer clear these 8 habits of consumption for healthier and forever white teeth. Your teeth will thank you.

• eating sticky, sugary treats

Sugary treats are one of the prominent cause of tooth decay and chewy candies like gummies, candyman can stick around in your teeth for hours.

• Drinking soda and sports drink

Similar to sweet treats, soda and sports drinks are loaded with sugar that leaves behind a coat of acid on the enamel of your teeth leading to tooth decay. Instead of those drinks, try staying hydrated with sugar-free and calorie-free fresh water.

• Smoking or chewing tobacco

Cigarettes and tobacco products can easily stain teeth, cause gum problems and periodontal disease and even lead to a dental cavity or lost teeth.

• Opening packages or other items with teeth

Although it seems convenient at the time, using your teeth as a tool- bottle opener, can cause them to chip or crack. Get your hands on the scissor or bottle opener instead.

• Playing contact sports without a mouthguard

A hit to the mouth during a serious game can lead to loose, chipped or even lost teeth.

• Chewing on ice, pens and pencil

The urge to chomp while trying to concentrate on something is real. But this habit is harmful to the teeth as it leads to the cracked or chipped tooth or even irritation for the soft tissue.

• Grinding teeth

Stress and sleeping habits cause teeth grinding which wear the teeth down over time,

• Brushing too hard

Using bristles that are too firm or brushing aggressively can damage and irritate gums. Read the proper techniques of brushing to keep your teeth problems at bay and to prevent tooth decay causes.

In addition to following a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and brushing and flossing regularly, try to visit your friendly dentist twice a year for a routine check-up and cleaning and cavity treatment to help keep your teeth from decaying.

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