Pomegranate – A Prompitious Fruit for Manifold Health Issues

These red-colored fruit seeds have been advantageous in innumerable health conditions as consumption of this fruit can multiply the immunity in the body.
Pomegranate – A Prompitious Fruit for Manifold Health Issues

Scaling the root of the pomegranate tree from Iran to the Himalayas in northern India, it has been plowed since ancient times in the course of the Mediterranean region of Africa, Asia, and Europe. Pomegranates are abundant in flavonoids as well as antioxidants which are known to intercept free radicals from destroying the cells of the human body.

As per numerous studies, pomegranates display the potential to be efficacious in preventing lung, breast, prostate, and colon cancers. Apart from being one of the most-liked savory fruits, this red-colored fruit seeds have been advantageous in innumerable health conditions as consumption of this fruit can multiply the immunity in the body.

 Health Benefits of Pomegranate

1. Packed with multitudinous nutrients

Pomegranates are quite low in calories and fat, yet they are high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Only a 1/2-cup (87-gram) containing arils provides 72 calories, 16 grams of carbs, 3.5 grams of fiber, 1 gram of fat, and 1.5 grams of protein.

2. It keeps exasperation at bay

When inflammation isn't spoken about, it can subscribe to several chronic illnesses, inclusive of heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer's ailments. Eating pomegranates may help restrict the chronic inflammation linked with the threat of increased chronic disease.

3. Its antinicrobual properties can cease the microorganisms

Pomegranate compounds have been assisting in conquering harmful microorganisms such as various kinds of bacteria, yeast,  and fungi. For instance, ancient as well as latest studies suggest that the properties of pomegranate protect the health of the human mouth by aiming for unwanted oral germs that can turn out to be troublesome when overgrown like the ones that give rise to bad breath and also tooth decay.

4. Pomegranate Helps Restore Hemoglobin level

Apart from consisting of iron, Pomegranate is also ample in calcium, protein, fiber, and numerous other vitamins and minerals, becoming one of the best sources for people with low levels of hemoglobin. The high amount of vitamin C content present in pomegranate aid the human body to absorb the iron included in the fruit as vitamin C is an integral part of iron metabolism. Regular consumption of pomegranate assists in escalating hemoglobin levels and fighting anemia.

5. Pomegranate is diabetic friendly

It has high antioxidants with anti-inflammatory elements sugars such as punicalagin and ellagic, gallic, oleanolic, ursolic, and gallic acids, which help in lessening the symptoms of high levels of blood sugar inclusive fatigue, and muscle pains. This fruit has a low glycemic index and glycaemic load that can help people with high blood sugar.

 What transpires if pomegranate is consumed every day?

Eating pomegranates or drinking its juice on a daily basis can be magnificent in aiding immunity, fighting Type-2 diabetes, keeping blood pressure a tight rein on, improving digestion, and making the skin glow.

Can pomegranate be taken on an empty stomach?

Being a fruit filled with water-based compounds, it can hydrate the body at all levels right from first thing in the morning as the fruit contains electrolytes. The majority of its nutrients get engrossed on an empty stomach. Therefore, drinking pomegranate juice on an empty stomach is the best time in the entire day, which is far way better than any other time of the day.

 How Many Pomegranates can be consumed in a day?

According to The U.S. Department of Agriculture in South Asia, it has been recommended to eat 1 and 1/2 to 2 cups of fruit per day. Pomegranates are an abundantly rich nutrient and the low-calorie giving way to help hit this target. Each pomegranate is equivalent to about 1 cup of seeds, containing 174 amount of calories with very little fat included.

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