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Scalp Care to Transform Hair Health

A healthy scalp care regime will keep your scalp free of diseases and your crowning glory intact

Scalp Care to Transform Hair Health

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Every head of hair needs moisture, regardless of the type of scalp. There are many options of hair moisturisers in the market. Look for shampoos and conditioners for the scalp that contain glycerin. These will aid in attracting and retaining moisture on your scalp..

It is common among many people to not take proper care of the scalp, and take it for granted. We just focus on how a shampoo, conditioner and other hair products will affect our hair while choosing them. But for people, who have serious scalp concerns, a superficial choice of such products will exacerbate the issue. Maintaining a healthy hair care and scalp care routine can go a long way in boosting confidence. Our scalp is like the soil of a farm. Just as a bad soil affects the well-being of the plants, anything that causes scalp inflammation is harmful for the existence and well-being of the hair.

A healthy scalp is a scalp which is free of itchiness; redness; flakiness; irritation; pain; acne; cysts; sun damage and excessive hair loss. Bumps, scabs, and redness signal inflammation and if it is left untreated, this can cause hair loss that can become permanent. The health of our scalp determines the health of our hair. The health of your scalp can be greatly improved by making a few small changes to your hair care routine. Taking care of your scalp relies on a variety of factors like weather variations and lifestyle choices. Your haircare routine can sometimes be as simple as washing your hair. Good washing, rebalancing, and moisturising are all part of scalp care. Using a cure or treatment on a regular basis is also essential when there are specific scalp issues. A once-a-fortnight trip to the salon for a deep cleaning is also very beneficial. Consult a dermatologist for guidance and remedies, for proper scalp care routine if none of the remedies at home work. You can follow the following regime for better scalp care.

Wash your hair with care

While washing your hair, apply the shampoo evenly and properly to the scalp, then massage the scalp in circular motions while lathering the shampoo. You can also use a second shampoo, as it will guarantee a thorough cleaning of the hair and scalp. After shampooing, give yourself a massage to increase blood flow, which will benefit your hair and scalp. Use conditioners, which is made for scalps as it will aid in hydrating and soothing the scalp.

Determine the type of your scalp.

Just the way you can determine your skin type, you cab also determine your scalp type. Whether your scalp is oily, combination or dry, you should make an attempt to find out your scalp type. This helps a lot in determining what products you will be using for a proper care of your scalp. Does using an oil-based product make your hair look greasy and untidy? If so, you are probably oily. Or do you frequently notice flakes when wearing darker clothing, or do you frequently scratch yourself? Both of these indicate a dry scalp. You can pinpoint precisely which products you'll need and how frequently you should use them once you've identified your scalp type.

Go for detoxification

Urban living exposes us to high pollution levels, which harms our scalp and exacerbates scalp issues. This makes an anti-pollution detox imperative. Opt for a scalp detox in-salon treatment or products that are carefully created to cleanse the scalp of all impurities, oil, and debris, leaving it feeling light and revitalised. Once every two weeks, a deep cleansing or exfoliation is advised.

Protect your scalp from sun damage

Although the scalp is effectively shielded from the sun by the hair, it's always a good idea to wear a scarf or sun hat when you'll be out and about for a while. You can also apply various hair mists that offer UV protection. It is also crucial to protect your hair and scalp from heat styling. To shield the hair from blow dryers and styling irons, use heat-protecting formulas (sprays or serums).


Every head of hair needs moisture, regardless of the type of scalp. There are many options of hair moisturisers in the market. Look for shampoos and conditioners for the scalp that contain glycerin. These will aid in attracting and retaining moisture on your scalp.. A sulfate-free scalp shampoo can also help you at the wash phase by providing much-needed hydration. This will remove grime and dirt from the scalp without removing the essential natural oils. Reapplications will help keep your scalp moisturised after the shower.


Oiling your hair is a very important step, and you should add it to your haircare regime. There are various kinds of hair oil which is available in the market. For a thicker scalp, the hair oil acts to seal in the moisture, while simultaneously relieving dryness and itching. In a similar way, lightweight hair oils are absorbed into the scalp to hydrate from within. Oil your hairs as often as necessary, but make sure to thoroughly clean on your wash days to prevent oil build-up. If you do not wash your hair properly, it may clog your hair follicles and lead to scalp problems like dandruff.


Similar to how the skin on your face produces an accumulation of dead skin, so does the scalp. Also, there is product accumulation in your scalp. It is therefore recommended to remove both dead skin cells and lingering products before applying your scalp shampoo and conditioner to ensure a healthy scalp. Before you enter the shower on wash days, try to complete this procedure.

Go for deep treatment of your scalp

Deep conditioning of the scalp, helps in ensuring a healthy and nourished hair and scalp. Deep treatments contain hydrating elements, that helps the scalp greatly. Include a deep moisturising mask in your routine once a month—or whenever you have an itchy scalp or need to balance out excess oils. You might not need to use one after every wash.

While skincare routine requires using multiple products on a daily basis, you should take a measured approach while caring for your scalp. To maintain a healthy scalp, you should follow the hair care regime consistently. It might not be possible to do all the steps daily, but you must at least moisturise your scalp and hair, to attain the best possible scalp health. You can achieve this by using moisturising butter which is readily available in the market, or spray your hair periodically with a scalp spray. And an important step which you should always include in your haircare regime is oiling your hair at least twice a week. A healthy scalp will help to keep dandruff, irritation and skin diseases at bay.

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