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Smoky Environment Increases Risk of High Blood Pressure: Study

Smoky Environment Increases Risk of High Blood Pressure: Study

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There are so many people who have the habit of smoking while they are driving or in the restroom, so it is suggested that a non-smoker ought to leave a smoky room or car until it's has been cleared, recommend researchers as secondhand smoke can cause high blood pressure level and hypertension.

"Avoid exposure to secondhand smoke regardless of whether or not the smoker is still in the room Our study in non-smokers shows that the risk of high blood pressure (hypertension) is higher with longer length of passive smoking - however even all-time low amounts are dangerous," said author, Byung Jin Kim within the details mentioned in the Meeting of EuroHeartCare.

Passive smoking at your home or work was connected with a 13% multiplied risk of high blood pressure. Living with a smoker after age 20 was associated with 15% of the greater risk. Exposure to passive smoking for 10 years or more was related to a 17% increased risk of high blood pressure. Men and women were equally affected.

High blood pressure is the leading world reason behind the premature death, accounting for nearly 10 million deaths, and people who are affected are suggested to quit smoking.

Previous analysis has instructed a link between passive smoking and high blood pressure in non-smokers. But most of the studies were small, restricted to ladies, and used self-reported questionnaires during which respondents usually over-report never-smoking.

"The results recommend that it's necessary to keep utterly aloof from secondhand smoke, not simply reduce exposure, to shield against high blood pressure," said faculty member Kim.

"While efforts have been made around the world to minimize the risks of passive smoking by increasing no smoking areas publically places, our study shows that over one in 5 never-smokers are still exposed to secondhand smoke. Stricter smoking bans are required, along with a lot of facilities for smokers to kick the habit. Knowing that family members suffer ought to be additional motivation for smokers to quit," he added.

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