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Some Best Exercises for Chest

Work out for the chest means work out for the pectoral muscles, the 'pecs'. Read this article to know some of the best exercise for your chest.

Some Best Exercises for Chest

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Chest exercise will enhance your look which will be suitable for any occasion and place. This would also provide you with strength for performing regular physical activities like picking and lifting up heavy objects. Not only this, but it will also lighten up your mood.

Exercising for the chest is keeping the pectoral muscles, the 'pecs' strong, which is the largest muscle in the chest. It is supported by numerous smaller muscles such as the latissimus dorsi and the trapezius muscle.

Continue reading this article to know about certain best chest workouts that will keep it stronger and in shape.

If you are willing to work out for all the chest muscles then just practice these moves in the routine:

• Chest press through a flat bench, bar, dumbbells, or any seated machine.

• Lifting with the parallel bar or bench

• Pulling with the cable fly bench or dumbbells.

Note: Always consult a professional trainer to make sure if you're doing the correct form. If you're a newbie, then start with a lower weight to avoid injury. Just lift the weight without much strain.

Some best exercise for a chest that you might follow:

1. Barbell bench press:

Barbell lifts help in generating much power and helps in moving the most weight. If you're not an expert then it is quite easy to learn. It is better to perform it at the beginning.

Some Best Exercises for Chest

2. Flat bench dumbbell press:

This workout is done with dumbbells and both sides of the body must put effort independently that enrol stabilization in muscles. Exercising with dumbbells is difficult than the barbells but it helps in a longer range of motion.

Some Best Exercises for Chest

3. Seated machine chest press:

Place plates on both the side of the machine and by adjusting the seat keep the feet flat on the ground. Now grab the handles and press.

Some Best Exercises for Chest

4. Cable crossover:

Hold the handles of the cables and flex the chest while pulling both hands together in front of the chest. There must be some tension on the cables.

Some Best Exercises for Chest

5. Dumbbell flye:

Lie down on a flat bench with dumbbells in both hands. Keep the elbows slightly bent, keep your arms wide. While flexing the pecs lift up the weight.

Some Best Exercises for Chest

6. Low-cable crossover:

Similar to the cable crossover, just stand in between the cable station, hold both the handles from the lower cable then pull it in front of the chest by flexing the pecs.

Some Best Exercises for Chest

7. Landmine press:

Fix one end of a barbell onto the corner of a room and load with weights on the other end. Now Grasp the loaded end and press it with right-hand overhead while keeping your left leg forward to exert pressure.

Some Best Exercises for Chest

8. Prone flye:

Get in pushup positions with dumbbells on both hands. Spreading the arms apart just lower the body as if doing pushups. Gradually squeezing the dumbbells lift you up in the starting position. Braced the abs and glute and back flat.

Some Best Exercises for Chest

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