Some foods rich in Vitamin E

Vitamin E is quite essential for your immune system to functions well. It is a fat-soluble element that comprises an antioxidant. Read this article to know about certain food enriched in Vitamin E.
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Vitamin E basically is a fat-soluble element that comprises an antioxidant substance. It is useful in keeping the immunity healthy, having sound blood vessels, and also keeps the skin flawless.

If the body lacks it, then it will be prone to several infections, diseases and also weaken your muscles.

There exist eight types of Vitamin E. However, studies state that just one type i.e. alpha-tocopherol, is very nutritious for our body.

People mostly achieve this vitamin through their food as certain food is enriched with it. Various nuts, oils, and seeds contain a sufficient quantity of Vit E that is very healthy. A certain number of green veggies, some kind of seafood and also some fruits comprises it.

Continue reading this article to know about the advantages of vitamin E and the foods associate with it.

Some Vitamin E enriched food:

1. Sunflower seeds: 

it could be a better choice to have in snack time. It also tastes better with oatmeal, yogurt, salad, etc. It is also enriched with fiber that is beneficial in keeping your digestive mechanism healthy.

100 grams serving to possess:

8.6 g fiber

20.78 g protein

645 mg potassium

325 mg magnesium

5 mg of zinc

2. Almonds:

Almonds are very nutritious and possess several advantages. One can have it on the interval as snacks or can add them into salads or cereals and can also consume almond milk.

It also comprises of:

21.15 g protein

12.5 g fiber

733 milligrams potassium

270 milligrams magnesium

3. Peanuts:

peanuts can also be a good choice while snacking. Roasted peanuts contain around 4.93 milligrams of this vitamin in a hundred grams. Make sure you only have the roasted ones rather than the flavored ones.

Other nutrition is:

24.35 g protein

8.4 g fiber

634 mg potassium

14.355 mg niacin

4. Oils enrich in Vitamin E:

these oils mentioned below contains a certain amount of this vitamin if taken a little:

Wheat germ oil: 20.32 mg

Rice bran oil: 4.39 mg

Grapeseed oil: 3.92 mg

Safflower oil: 4.64 mg

Below are some source of Vitamin E in fruits and vegetables:

5. Avocadoes:

Avocadoes is a very nutritious fruit containing vitamin E. it has a very less quantity of sugar with several nutrients like Vitamin E and C, also potassium that is more in quantity than a banana.

6. Spinach:

Serving a hundred grams of spinach comprises 2.03mg of this vitamin.

It also possesses:

9377 (IU) A vitamin

28.1 mg C vitamin

2.2 g fiber

558 mg potassium

7. Butternut squash:

Butternut squash is a very delicious winter vegetable. Serving a hundred grams of it provides you with 1.29mg of this vitamin.

Other things are:

11155 IU vitamin A

15.1 mg vitamin C

3.2 g fiber

284 mg of potassium

What are the advantages?

  • It comprises antioxidants that aid the body cells from damage.
  • Longer cell life: It acts as a protective shield against the free radical cells and also lowers the cell's aging process.
  • Studies have proven that vitamin E aids in protecting you from several diseases like:

coronary artery diseases

High blood pressure

Heart disease


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