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Stay safe from breast cancer. Here is all you need to know

Breast cancer in women is known to be the second leading cause of cancer death following lung cancer.

breast cancer

Stay safe from breast cancer. Here is all you need to know

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Breast cancer is very dangerous for women. This body part itself defines women hence it is very important to take special care of it. It occurs rarely in men but it's quite common among women.

It usually develops in breast cells. The cancer cells which are uncontrollable often intrude on other healthy breast tissue and travel to the lymph nodes under the arms. They are the main way that helps the cells travel to other parts of the body.

Following are some of the symptoms of breast cancer in female:

The first and common symptoms usually are when you feel an area of thickened tissue or a lump in the bottom.

There are several symptoms which include pain in the breast or armpits, rash around or on the nipple, redness around the area, discharge of blood-like substance from the nipple, transformation in the size and shape of the bosom. However, not all breast lumps are cancerous; therefore, consulting a gynecologist would be helpful.

Here are the different stages:

• Stage 0: the cells are not scattered around surrounding tissues but are confined inside the ducts.

• Stage 1: In this stage, there occurs small groups of cancer cells.

• Stage 2: The tumour is beyond 2 cm, and it has begun to spread to the adjacents nodes,

• Stage 3: The tumour is up to 5 cm across, and it has begun spreading to a few lymph glands.

• Stage 4: Cancer has travelled to distant organs.

Risk factors for breast cancer:

1. Age: With age, the possibility increases.

2. Genes: Women who inherit certain mutations from the genes of their parents have a higher possibility.

3. Dense bosom: Women with dense bosom are more likely to suffer.

4. Estrogen exposure+: Overexposure to estrogen can increase the risk.

5. Consumption of alcohol: A study by National Cancer Institute (NCI) has established that women who drink alcohol on a regular basis are at high risk.


One can detect symptoms is through a self-breast exam. It's better to do it at that point of time once a month.

If you're having symptoms, it's good to have your gynecologist do an examination. During the exam, your doctor examines both your bosom for any abnormal signs.

It's quite fortunate for both women and men around the world that people today are more aware of it. Various awareness efforts have helped people know more about this type of cancer, the risk factors, symptoms, stages, and the treatments which are there.

The month of October is observed as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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