Symptoms and Safety Measures Against Dengue Infections

With the increasing dengue numbers in mind, here are the symptoms of the illness.
Symptoms and Safety Measures Against Dengue Infections

GUWAHATI: Dengue infections are on the rise across the country. Deaths due to this illness have been reported from different regions of the country including Karnataka and neighboring West Bengal. Assam is also facing a serious threat of dengue post monsoon.

A report from the National Health Mission mentioned a total of 285 positive cases of dengue detected in the state of Assam between November 1 and 5. And out of them, 271 cases were reported from the Karbi Anglong district itself. This has caused the local administration to close all education institutes in Diphu for a week.

Symptoms of Dengue

  • The first symptom of dengue is high fever.
  • Another important symptom of the illness is nausea and indigestion.
  • Body-ache or ache in joints and muscles is another key symptom of the disease.
  • Eye pain and sometimes redness of eyes is also noticed in infected people.
  • Rashes have also been noticed in some of the patients suffering from dengue.

Dengue fever is a vector borne disease spread by mosquitoes. Here are a few effective steps to prevent dengue at home.

  • Removing mosquito breeding places is the first as well as most important step in the prevention of mosquito borne diseases. Cleaning locations with stagnant water is essential. Also remove anything which can be a mosquito breeding ground.
  • Proper netting of all doors and windows at home ensures that the indoors remain safe from insects including mosquitoes.
  • Ample lighting indoors will help in reducing the risk of mosquito bites since this insect usually likes dark places.
  • Keeping the indoors clean and airy also prevents mosquitoes from staying and breeding inside the house itself.
  • Occasional smoking out of insects using traditional items like coconut husk and incense sticks are also found to be helpful in controlling the mosquito menace.
  • Mosquitoes usually enter the house during the evening hours. Keeping all doors, windows and ventilators shut during these hours also helps in preventing the problem.
  • Wearing protective clothing outdoors in places where the chance of infection is high is also useful in preventing mosquito bites.

There is no direct medication for dengue as of now, so the best way is to be safe from mosquito bites. In case of any one or more of the symptoms noted here, people should immediately consult physicians and take blood sample tests. Staying hydrated and eating seasonal fruits and vegetables also goes a long way in boosting human immunity.

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