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A 78 year old man marries 17 year old, separates in 22 days

Abah Sarna, 78, and Noni Navita, 17, who got married last month filed for divorce last week.

A 78 year old man marries 17 year old, separates in 22 days

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Jakarta: A couple in Indonesia, 78-year-old man married a 17-year-old girl. However, the couple decided to split after 22 days of marriage.

The newlyweds garnered a lot of attention due to their huge age difference.

After Abah filed for divorce, it left Noni's family astonished because according to them, there was no problem in their relationship. Iyan, Noni's sister said, "I was shocked because there was no 'wind and storm', it suddenly became like this".

The problem seems to be coming from Abah's family who do not approve of the marriage where there is an allegation on Noni being pregnant even before she tied the knot with Abah. This claim was denied by Iyan.

Abah's dowry containing RM 2,819 (Rs 50,000) along with a motorcycle, mattress and a closet to Noni caught attention in social media as it had to be transported via a truck.

In another instance, an Indonesian man married both his girlfriends on the same day with pure intentions of hurting none. Photos of the wedding from Airtarap, Kalimantan went viral in August last year.

The groom paid a handsome amount as dowry to both the families.

It is a common ritual in Indonesia for a dowry to be sent to the bride's family from the groom's side.

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