Animals getting pranked by Youtuber in Thailand

Video earns millions of viewers of a fake tiger pranking animals
Screengrab from Angel Naga's channel

Screengrab from Angel Naga's channel

Thailand: A Thailand-based Youtuber has earned a huge following with videos of him pranking real animals with a stuffed tiger soft toy. The video shows him placing a fake tiger next to an unsuspecting animal and filming their reaction.

Mostly, the animals get startled by the tiger and start to jump around, in extreme cases, run for life from the apex predator. In some instances, digs have fought back by barking.

In the end, the Youtuber apologises to the pranked animals by offering them food.

The tiger video has been uploaded on a Youtube channel 'Angel Naga'. In one of the video, he is seen to be pranking monkeys and dogs. From jumping up to feeling spooked to fleeing at top speed, here's how the animals reacted:

The video has a whopping 4 million views on Youtube and has been rapidly shared by people on other social media platforms, garnering hundreds of amused comments.

In another recent video, the fake tiger's victim is cats. Although one brave little kitten was filmed following tiger curiously instead of running away.

Skip to 0.38 mark to watch.

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