Barack Obama Raises Concern Over Muslim Minority Rights in India Amid PM Modi’s US Visit

Barack Obama, the former US president, raise concern about India on Thursday that country risks "pulling apart" if the Muslim minority is not respected, and he urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address the problem.
Barack Obama Raises Concern Over Muslim Minority Rights in India Amid PM Modi’s US Visit

NEW DELHI: In an interview, former US President Barack Obama discussed the need to uphold the rights of ethnic minorities in India. In India, he continued, there is a good chance that the nation "at some point starts pulling apart" if minorities' rights are not preserved.

At a press conference with Prime Minister Modi hours after making his remarks, US President Joe Biden declared that India was bred to value every citizen's worth.

Obama voiced worry over the rights of weaker groups in Indian society in an interview with a reporter, emphasising that the Biden administration should discuss these problems "honestly" with Prime Minister Modi.

In the interview, Obama also mentioned that he and Prime Minister Narendra Modi had collaborated on the Paris climate change accords back when he was president.

On the other hand, The Bharatiya Janata Party Vice President Baijayant Jay Panda criticised Obama in response to his remarks, calling it absurd to see the former US President cater to the anti-India crowd by criticising both China and India for their atrocities in Xinjiang."

On his first state visit, PM Modi met with Vice President Biden at the White House where they spoke about a wide variety of topics of concern to both countries and the world as a whole. Their goal was to further advance Indo-US strategic partnerships in fields including defence, space, clean energy, and vital technologies.

He travelled from New York to Washington, where he presided over an important gathering for the 9th International Day of Yoga at the UN headquarters earlier in the day. Diplomats, UN representatives, and well-known figures were present.

The only two Muslim women in the US Congress, Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, as well as Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have all stated that they will not be attending Prime Minister Modi's speech to Congress on Thursday owing to reports of mistreatment against Muslims and other minorities in India.

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