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Decomposed Human Finger Found In Woman's Hamburger In Bolivia's Hot Burger Chain

A worker had allegedly lost his fingers while processing the food, one of which was never recovered and ended up in the woman's hamburger.

Decomposed Human Finger Found In Womans Hamburger In Bolivias Hot Burger Chain

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Bolivia: In a bizarre incident, a woman chewed on a rotten human finger after she took a bite from the hamburger she ordered from Bolivia's Hot Burger chain.

The woman, who identified herself as Estefany Benitez, described the shocking and horrifying incident which she experienced at the Hot Burger outlet in Santa Cruz de la Sierra last Sunday.

As per her Facebook post, Estefany Benitez revealed that she had unknowing chewed on a finger while she was having her first bite of the hamburger.

She also posted photos of the finger in question and videos of the employees trying to negotiate with her.

One of the staff can be heard saying, "Please tell me what you want and we will give it to you."

The staff also alleged that the burger in the outlet had been pre-prepared before being brought to the store. They also tried to win her trust by saying, "nothing like this has ever occurred to us before."

Estefany also posted another video in which she said, "Here we are at the magnificent Hot Burger where a finger ended up in my burger. I'll post a photo of the finger right away."

One of the members of the staff also tried to close the restaurant in her presence but later "carried on serving customers like nothing had happened".

After the news of the incident went viral, a spokesperson of the company addressed the incident as an unfortunate one. He also revealed that one of the workers had lost two of his fingers while processing the food. However, one of the fingers was never recovered and ended up in the woman's hamburger.

The Director of the National Police's Special Crime Fighting Force, Edson Claure, later confirmed the company spokesperson's statements.

The Vice Minister for the Defence of User and Consumer Rights have decided to tentatively close the branch and force a penalty on the company.

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