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Dropdown of Income Can Harm Your Brain Health in Midway



New York: Young adults who experienced annual income drops of 25 percent or more might be more at risk of having thinking problems and reduced brain health in middle age, a study said.

“Our exploratory study followed participants in the US through the recession in the late 2000s when many people experienced economic instability,” said the study’s lead author Leslie Grasset from the Inserm Research Centre in France.

“Our results provide evidence that higher income volatility and more income drops during peak earning years are linked to unhealthy brain ageing in middle age,” Grasset said.

The study involved 3,287 people who were 23-35 years old at the start of the study and were enrolled in the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) study, which includes a racially diverse population. Participants reported their annual pre-tax household income every three to five years from 1990-2010. Researchers have examined how often income dropped as well as the percentage of change in income between 1990-2010 for each participant. (IANS)


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