Fisherman Found Rare One-in-two Million Blue Lobster

The Scottish fisherman he has decided that he would offer the lobster to an aquarium or put it back in the sea.
Fisherman Found Rare One-in-two Million Blue Lobster

NEW DELHI: A 47-year old Scottish fisherman has shared his story how he didn't sell a rare blue lobster because he feels the lobster should continue its life.

Catching a rare blue lobster is the chances of which are said to be two-million-to-one.

The 47 year old fisherman Ricky Greenhowe, engaged in fishing since he was a teenager but he didn't find such rare blue lobster before and said it was his first such find.

After he caught the lobster he had to pinch himself that he had found a rare blue lobster.

After he caught the rare lobster he has decided not to sell it but would offer the lobster to an aquarium or put it back in the sea.

Blue lobsters are so-coloured because of a genetic abnormality that causes them to produce more of a certain protein than others.

According to details, Greenhowe on Thursday went out for fishing on his boar Skua, when he spotted the striking-looking crustacean off Aberdeen.

He said after he spotted the lobster he putted it in a box on his own.

"I have never seen one before, and I have been fishing since I was 14."

Greenhowe informed that a normal lobster of about 1.5 kg - would be worth perhaps £25.

Greenhowe has successfully caught the 3lb lobster and shared some stunning images of the rare blue lobster in a Facebook post and captioned it as, 'One in a million chance they say.

"It's not about the money - it should continue its life", he said.

"I will phone Macduff Aquarium to see if they want it, if not I will put him back.

"It's so rare, it would be a shame to put it in a pot."

Two fishermen in Dorset hit the ultimate lobster-probability jackpot in 2011 when they caught an albino, or "crystal", lobster - the odds of which are estimated to be one in 100 million.

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