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French Chef bakes a record-breaking Pizza

French Chef Benoît Bruel made a 'record-breaking' pizza with 254 varieties of cheese. The Guinness Book of World Records confirmed Bruel's achievement.

French Chef bakes a record-breaking Pizza

Photo taken from the Instagram account of @delisspizza

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Lyon (France): One of the world's most popular food, Pizza is loved by almost all of us. What makes pizza so delicious and amazing in taste is the cheese.

French Chef Benoît Bruel broke the Guinness Record of 'Most Varieties of Cheese on Pizza.' Bruel works in a French Pizzeria, called the Deliss Pizza in Lyon, France. Bruel made a pizza which had 254 varieties of cheese. Bruel's pizza shows us that it's never too much of cheese in Pizza.

He carefully measured small parts of various types of cheese, so that the distinct taste of all the varieties of cheese is counted for the final pizza.

The Guinness Book of World Records confirmed that Bruel's creation broke the record of various varieties of cheese used in one pizza. The official record says, "Benoît took this as a patriotic challenge as one of the things France is most famous for is its cheeses."

Bruel baked this record-breaking pizza in the month of February. Prior to Bruel, an Australian Chef Johnny Di Francesco had the record to his name. He held the record of 154 varieties in one pie. However, it took time for Bruel to get the recognition as he needed to provide evidence to prove his achievement.

The final cheese list used in the pizza is yet to come. Many sources reveal that Bruel added three more different variety of cheese to his final pie. However, there was no evidence of it, so it could not be added to the record.

Check the 'record-breaking' pizza here:

Bruel is proud of the record he made.

Everyone is hoping that the chef comes up with more of this kind of unbelievable records in the future.

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