Know About The Top 10 Worst Aircraft Accident In History

The Tenerife Airport Disaster in 1977 and The Grand Canyon Mid-Air Collision in 1956 were among the world’s worst aircraft accidents in history.
Know About The Top 10 Worst Aircraft Accident In History

The plane crashes that took place in different regions across the world have resulted in huge destruction causing extreme loss of life and property. Some of those aircraft accidents turn out to be big tragedies being the most deadly in the world history of plane crashes.

The biggest airplane crashes in the world that occurred over the past few decades are mainly for the reasons like wrongly equipped, pilot mistakes and operating in poor conditions.

Here are the top 10 worst plane crashes in history:

1. The Tenerife Airport Disaster (1977): A total of 583 passengers on board were killed in the deadliest aircraft crash ever which was due to the plane captain mistakenly believing that he had been cleared for takeoff. Several tragic incidents resulted in this worst crash of all time after flights like Pan Am 1736 and KLM 4805 from Gran Canaria Airport in Spain were diverted to Tenerife Airport due to an explosion at the airport. It was foggy weather and there was no ground radar when Pan Am 1736, Boeing 747 and KLM 4805 collided with each other.

2. The Grand Canyon Mid-Air Collision (1956): It was the first devastating plane crash during the 1950s in which 128 people were killed on board. The crash took place on 30 June 1956 when a United Airlines Douglas DC-7 collided with a Trans World Airlines Lockheed L-1049 in Arizona.

3. The New York Collision (1960): This deadly plane collision had affected the entire New York killing at least 128 passengers and six people on the ground. The collision took place between a United Airlines Douglas DC-9 and a Trans World Airlines Lockheed L-1049 on 16 December 1960.

4. Turkish Airlines Flight 981 (1974): The worst single-plane crash ever with no survivors occurred on 3 March 1974 when a Turkish Airlines Flight bound for London Heathrow crashed in the Ermenonville Forest and killed all 346 passengers on board.

5. Air India Flight 855 (1978): On 1st January 1978, Air India Flight 855, a Boeing 757 departed from Mumbai crashed into the Arabian Sea shortly after takeoff and killed 213 passengers on board. The reason for the accident was technical malfunctioning and poor visibility due to darkness.

6. American Airlines Flight 191 (1979): This is the deadliest plane catastrophe in the history of America where 273 people died along with two others on the ground. McDonnell Douglas DC-10 crashed shortly after takeoff after the engine below the left wing broke off from the plane.

7. Japan Airline Flight 123 (1985): The Japan Airline Flight 123 took off from the Haneda airport of Tokyo and 12 minutes after the takeoff the aircraft suffered explosive decompression and the pilot failed to handle the craft. The plane then crashed resulting in the death of 520 people and only 4 people survived the tragic incident.

8. United Flight 232: The United Flight 232 departed from Denver on 19 July 1989 for Chicago but due to failure in the engine the plane crashed but a majority of passengers among 296 survived after efforts by pilots.

9. China Airline Flight 140 (1994): 264 passengers on board were killed in the worst aviation disaster faced by China Airlines and in the 2nd worst crash in Japan. China Airline Flight 140 crashed when the plane was about to depart from Chiang Kai-shek Airport in Taiwan.

10. Charkhi Dadri Collision (1996): It is another worst aviation disaster in the history of Indian aviation where 349 people onboard lost their lives. Saudia Flight 763 Charkhi Dadri and Kazakhstan Airlines Flight collided in Northern India after the tail of Kazakhstan Airlines Flight clipped through the wing of the Saudia plane.

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