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Mr. Shekhawat, Our new AquaMan - Shaken or Stirred Shakti?

Mr. Shekhawat, Our new AquaMan - Shaken or Stirred Shakti?

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  23 July 2019 3:38 PM GMT

An open letter to the Minister & Ministry Jal Shakti

Minister Sirji:

Jai Jal Shakti!

A few months ago, I had a published article “We Need Water Walls” bring a laywoman’s perspective to the challenges of safe drinking water to our people and into the lives of our future survival.

Would be happy to share it with you and post on Quora. It could be addressed as your first Blog on a now blank page. Clearly shows you haven t voiced an opinion yet on your newly appointed position or what you want to do with it, so have decided to beat you to the post! May I add in the same breath that I like my water; Shaken and Stirred, Safe and Sacred Sumptuous and Splendid, Sweet and “Shaktigized’!

Now compare this to your personal Quora profile adjectives:

Instinctively Incisive, Insatiable Idea seeker

Inquisitively Innovative & an Impassioned Individual

Searching for Ideas to create an Intellectual India.

Here’s an idea, Sirji, wake up intellectual India and tell them the Universe has spoken the famous lines of S T Coleridge, “water, water, everywhere, nor a drop to drink”! Once you do this, find a way to drink it up to the intellect instinctively, insatiably, innovatively, and make it individually impassioned to act upon it and now!

I was always told by my English teacher (God rest her soul!) unless you put meaning to a word, it simply remains a word. Let’s take two for a start, ‘Jal Shakti’! What does this mean? Power from Water? Powerful that is Water? Or the many countable and uncountable noun interludes by Collins as in ‘capacity, power, nerve, stamina, strength or leverage? Water too, like the God’s, have taken on several avatars of its own, but each one is accountable to its need for our survival. Reminds me of the old song, “ Paani re paani, tera rang kaisa? Jis mein mila doh, mera rang waisa…”. I am looking for the meaning that best assures me and the people, of the ‘shakti’ it provides- sustenance, survival, stamina…..and now this Ministry? What will it do?

Here’s another idea, Sirji, demonetize water! Would that work? Or… about back to idea number one, waking up the intellect India to recognizing safe drinking water for all its citizens is what will measure the growth of our economy, our people, our children, our future, our cattle, our lands, our thirst …………………………..our survival or our extinction?

Earth is home to millions of species. Only one dominates it. ‘US’. …….so why can’t we have a profound impact on it as well, where it really matters? Our extinction will be created by ‘US’ if there is no water leave alone safe drinking water…. This is becoming repetitive. So be it! We are consuming water, like food, at a rate that is completely unsustainable. Has the intellect of India consumed this fact, yet? What then are our options?

Hurting the Ganges is like hurting a person, a fact highly applauded by Environmentalists as a dictate from our government, but dictates need action, without which it dies. Of course, you know that. So, is water worth fighting for between the politics of water and the power of water activism?

More importantly, when and where do we begin?

I have heard that the Ministry wants to link its rivers n rivulets, tributaries and distributaries and resource the water and safe drinking water at that, to reach every household in India by 2020. Could this be true? Is this the truth the intellect India has woken up to? Drought, scarcity, disease, dearth and death by water, no groundwater, no water… water… water! So, here you are:

Ministry Jal Shakti to the rescue!

Mr. Shekhawat, whats in your brew?

Safe drinking water at every doorstep in 2020, is it true?

Linking the rivers and waters that flow

From the Ganges to the Bhramaputra in fury it grows!

The beds, the earth, the stones all poisoned

Paying no heed to need or caution

Standing in lines, walking the miles

The tears, the cries, not a single smile

Then pops up a Ministry to WASH n dry

The sadness of its people that drown n shy

From promises of empty vessels at the top

“Quench our thirst” they all cry out

They all say “STOP”!

So, Stop and listen, Mr. Shekhawat

Show us a plan, we’ll pledge a ‘mannat’

20,000 crores are the budget?

Is that what the rivers have suggested?

Redo the numbers, both rivers and budget are contaminated!

It’s the people, the future, the cattle the children

It’s a task, a promise, a pledge to brighten

Intellect India has not awoken

To the cries of ‘live and let live’ that’s all broken

Prana and Paani is mighty Jal Shakti

From nature, to climate, just let it be

Save, harness, resource and deliver

Please do India this needed favor!

The private, the public, the government go hand in hand

Bring out the trumpets and play the band

Can’t live, can’t die

Can’t drown, can’t survive

Linking rivers and people to shores unknown

How do we go ashore if the rivers don’t flow?

The Water companies, both for profit and not for profit

Have watered and washed our needs for benefits

That purifying and desalinating, formulating then distributing

Will be the best course and recourses to save millions

From death and dying wetland sources

Of the water present in our midst, in taps, in rivers, in rivulets

All spiked to degenerate, all infused to segregate

The living from the dead!

I could write the rest of the letter in rhyme that would run our cries dry. Its time or is too late already to replenish to save to give back what we’ve borrowed from our children s heritage? Many have written and many have said and here’s a reminder again that, we have not inherited the earth from our forefathers but borrowed it from our children ….do they know? Is anybody telling them? Shhhh…!

Bedtime stories, I’m told will be about the upcoming Mahabharat water wars and Gabbar water Lords…. stories that will make you thirsty….and there will be none to drink in safety….shhhh!

Ending on challenge questions for you and your team, Mr. ‘Aquaman’, how will the Jal Shakti ministry find a solution? Do you know if there is one? One that is feasible and practical, doable and safe?

If you do, when will you tell us?


An ‘OddNari’ in quest for a watering wishing well, for the children.

Seema Azharuddin with Vice President and Democratic candidate for the United States Presidency,2020, Mr. Joe Biden


Journalist, Writer, Orator, Senior Consultant, Leadership & Communication, Actor, Producer, Activist – An Empowered Woman in quest and fight for needed causes and campaigns. She is based out of both the USA and India.


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