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Mysterious Monolith found in Utah draws wild 'alien' and 'conspiracy' theories

The monolith belongs to an avant-garde artist called John McCracken who had died nine years ago

Mysterious Monolith found in Utah draws wild ‘alien’ and ‘conspiracy’ theories

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Utah: A mysterious metal 'obelisk' was found buried in the remote western United States desert. It roused the imaginations of UFO spotters, conspiracy theorists and Stanley Kubrick fans around the world.

The pillar was spotted last week by a team conducting a count on bighorn sheep via helicopter.

News of the discovery quickly went viral online, with many noting the monolith's similarity to Kubrick's classic sci-fi "2001: A Space Odyssey."

However, David Zwirner, representative of avant-garde artist John McCracken, said that it was one of his work which remained undiscovered in the desert for nearly a decade.

Taking to Twitter, Zwirner shared a photo of the monolith in the desert along with an identical structure inside one of his art galleries.

"The portal to Utah is at David Zwirner 20th Street," he tweeted.

John McCracken had died nine years ago and this four-metre-tall metal structure had stood in the desert unnoticed for almost a decade.

The exact location of the structure is not disclosed as the Department of Public Safety believes that it is best for local people to not gather around the remote wilderness and to keep curious sightseers at bay.

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