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Restaurant Sends Employees to Las Vegas for Vacation, Wins Hearts Online

Ramen House Louisville, a Kentucky oriental restaurant notified customers that they will be closed for a week as its employees will be on a vacation at Las Vegas.

Restaurant Sends Employees to Las Vegas for Vacation, Wins Hearts Online

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  2021-07-15T11:44:14+05:30

Work from home has easily become the new normal in the middle of the humanitarian catastrophe caused by the breakout of the fatal contagious COVID-19 pandemic. Many occupations that used to require employees to come into the office now allow them to work from home, but this is not the case for workers who are involved in frontline operations, such as waiters, waitresses and other staffers working in eateries.

Given the significance of the staff's well-being in such hard circumstances, the proprietors of a restaurant decided to close the outlet for a week and take all its workers on a vacation.

Ramen House Louisville, a Kentucky oriental restaurant, sent a statement on its social media accounts notifying customers that they will be closed for a week for the nicest motive conceivable.

"Our employees have worked so hard and diligently through all the crazy times we went through," said the statement made by the eatery, which quickly went viral for such a generous gesture.

"We will return next week during normal business hours. Till then ✌", added the food outlet.

The restaurant, which specialises in noodles and rice bowls, announced that it is sending all of its employees to Las Vegas because "they deserve a break." They even posted a photo which showed the employees happily waiting in the airport to reap the fruits of their hard work in the middle of the crisis brought by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

According to KLTV, Jonathan Ham, the owner of the food outlet, almost a dozen employees went on the vacation and he paid for their plane tickets and hotel with his own money. Some employees were unable to attend; nevertheless, according to the article, Ham stated that they got incentives.

After their tale of such a humane gesture went popular on the internet, the restaurant informed its customers that another restaurant in Vegas had invited them to treat them for free. The restaurant employees expressed gratitude to Manizza's Pizza Parlor for the excellent Italian delight and stated that they will return.

The compassionate act touched individuals all around the world, and many stated they would return to the diner in the future to show their appreciation.

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