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The Modern-Day King of an African Nation who has 15 Wives, Several Concubines

King Mswati-III, the monarch of Swaziland, a landlocked nation in Africa, is known for his lavish lifestyle while most of his subjects live in poverty. He has 15 wives and several concubines.

The Modern-Day King of an African Nation who has 15 Wives, Several Concubines

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Kingdom of Eswatini, Africa:

Many people would find it difficult to believe if they were told about a modern-day king who has married 15 women and has several concubines. This is a heinous act by Swaziland's king, Mswati-III, who is well-known for his lavish lifestyle.

According to certain accounts, after assuming the throne in 1986, the impoverished Africa Nation's incumbent monarch has often arranged his marriage with many women. He has only granted his queen's recognition to a woman who became the mother of his child. The other women, the king has married, are kept by him as his concubines. He has fathered as many as 35 children, so far.

The international community was outraged when King Mswati-III kidnapped females in order to forcefully marry them. According to reports, the monarch selects new wives each year during an annual ceremony known as the country's traditional chastity parade.

The King is authorized to pick new brides from the parade of unmarried women held at the royal palace in Mbabane. Thousands of unmarried women have been compelled to march in the procession. The king selects his new wives from the gathering of the women.

In 2006, he kidnapped a girl and forced her to marry him. The international community harshly condemned the crime. Faced with the woman's wrath, he bestowed the title of queen upon her.

King Mswati-late III's father had 125 wives as well.

A few days ago, police in eSwatini fought with a rural rally calling for political changes in Africa's last absolute monarchy on Saturday.

Around 500 young people gathered in Manzini, the kingdom's Manzini region, to demand the ability to vote for their own prime minister, who is presently chosen by King Mswati III.

"We demand multi-party democracy now," said protester Melusi Dlamini. "The time for the royal system characterized by dictatorship is over."

Since 1973, political parties have been prohibited in the tiny southern African republic. A 2005 constitution prohibited political parties from competing in national elections, giving King Mswati III absolute power.

The king, who was anointed at the age of 18 in 1986, has come under fire for his extravagant tastes and spending, despite the fact that the majority of the population lives below the poverty line.

Despite the fact that protests are still uncommon in eSwatini, popular resentment has increased dramatically in recent years.

In 2019, the kingdom was shaken by a wave of government servant strikes, which accused the monarch of depleting public finances at the cost of his citizens.

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