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With 4 Turbojet Engines This Flying Motorcycle Prototype Aces its First Test Run

The world's first flying motorcycle will also be available in recreational and military/commercial models. Each with a great starting price of $ 380,000.

With 4 Turbojet Engines This Flying Motorcycle Prototype Aces its First Test Run

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  2021-07-23T19:08:47+05:30

"The Speeder" by Jetpack Aviation (of which we are talking about for the first time DesignTAXI) is a science fiction dream come true.

With four turbojet engines, the 231-pound machine can run on kerosene or diesel fuel. It's also fully stabilized and features a fly-by-wire.

According to Luxury starts, the company's jet-powered device completed a successful run of tethered test flights for five months earlier this year. The P1 prototype could take off, soar into the sky, hover in the air, twist and turn and "make slow transitions into forward flight".

Now that they know it will work, the company has already started work on a more advanced prototype. It replaces the large aluminum chassis of the original model with a smaller frame made of carbon fiber body panels. And Jetpack Aviation already has plans to give the third prototype a shaped body in addition to compact wings.

As well as twice the number of engines. Which they say will allow up to 600 pounds to travel 300 miles up to 15,000 feet for 20 minutes.

It is capable of vertical take-off and landing, and during its tests in southern California, demonstrated its abilities to not just fire up and down but to also hover and move forward in the air. The company further claims that the flying motorcycle can go up as high as 15,000 feet but also admits it does not expect its eventual customers to require such capabilities.

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