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Woman buys a pack of lettuce and to her surprise, finds a live frog inside it



In a matter of shock, a family after buying a pack of lettuce from a shop finds a live frog inside the packet while preparing food in the kitchen. The woman of the family had kept the pack of lettuce out on her dining table and was preparing food and suddenly, she notices that some sort of a living creature is moving inside the packet. It is only on looking closely at the object that she and her family could discover that the packet has a living frog inside it.

This is an incident of Allen family in North Shore, Wisconsin who had picked the lettuce packet from a brand called Simple Truth and the simple truth in this incident is that if you are eating green and fresh, a fresh frog will go good with your salads!

However, expressing her reaction on the matter, Karlie said, “I’m thinking one, how the heck did that get in there, and two, that is absolutely disgusting.”

Right when the woman finds that there is a frog moving inside the pack, she made a video of the packet along with the frog and posted it on her Twitter account captioning it as “Bon appetit! Nothing like salad with a side of live frog.”

However, the tweet made by Karlie Allen gathered quick attention and response from users all over the world, making humorous comments on the post. One of the users even wrote, “Free pet with every salad.” While another wrote, “So gross! But the poor frog is a victim too. I hope you had a place to free it!”

Another user even goes back to recall the good old childhood days and tweets: “Hi Karlie I hope the frog is okay. This made me think of the cereal we ate as kids with the toy hidden inside. You received a much better gift than I ever did even if it wasn’t expected.”

What is even funnier is to read the response made by the company who sold the lettuce. It says,

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