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Zara Rutherford, 19-Yr-Old British-Belgian Pilot, Becomes Youngest Woman To Circle Globe Solo

British-Belgian teen pilot Zara Rutherford spent 155 days completing her voyage across the globe and made a record by becoming the youngest female to fly solo.

Zara Rutherford, 19-Yr-Old British-Belgian Pilot, Becomes Youngest Woman To Circle Globe Solo

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British-Belgian pilot Zara Rutherford at a very young age of 19 completed the record-setting flight by travelling every part of the world and set the example of women power.

19 years old Zara Rutherford created a record by becoming the youngest female to fly across the world all alone. She took a two-seater plane for her journey and spent a total of 155 days completing the entire globe.

The teenage girl faced numerous challenges throughout her fight journey and had overcome many obstacles on her way. She has successfully made the record by crossing the wildfire smokes, by navigating rains and turbulences in different regions.

Zara Rutherford finally reached her destination Belgium on Thursday 20 January and after landing on the ground she had completed her dream of becoming the youngest woman to fly solo across the world.

Miss Rutherford began her journey from the month of August last year from the location of Belgium.

During a press conference on Thursday Zara revealed that she had thought of a solo voyage earlier but cancelled the plan after consideration about the cost and the risk associated with the journey.

She said that after completing the European equivalent of high school she gave a thought to her dream and thought the time as the best opportunity to utilize in doing something crazy.

Zara's parents are both pilots by profession and she was born and bought up all-around aeroplanes and their related activities.

During the press conference, she mentioned about the sponsors of her voyage includes a web hosting company based in Bulgaria, ICDSoft, Aircraft maker Shark.Aero provided a mini one-propeller plane along with the training needed and gave the idea of how to escape the aircraft from underwater.

Sharing her journey Zara talks about her motive in encouraging women across the globe and asked the female individuals to give emphasis on their dreams signifying the women's power.

According to the Guinness World record, earlier in the year 2017, Shaesta Waiz made the record to fly solo across the globe at the age of 30 and by this year Ms, Rutherford replaced Waiz by completing her solo voyage at the age of 19.

However, the record of the youngest human being to fly solo around the globe is still held by 18-year-old Travis Ludlow who travelled worldwide in 2021 all alone in a plane.

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