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Letters to The Editor: Dirty Tale of Corruption

Letters to The Editor: Dirty Tale of Corruption

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Dirty Tale of Corruption

Due to sheer corruption, the Congress in Assam had to hand over the charge of administration to the BJP-led alliance headed by Sarbananda Sonowal after having been thrown out by the people in the last Assembly election. Sonowal, since taking over charge two years back, has been harping on the string of a corruption-free Assam, with emphasis on 'zero tolerance'. It seems the Chief Minister fails to drive home 'zero tolerance' in some of his bureaucrats who still indulge in corruption.

Needless to say, these shameless bureaucrats, in a brazen way, still pocket money meant for public works. We amply got proof of this in the State Water Resource Department in the construction of embankments in Gohpur, Naoboicha and some other remote places. The instance of 'unholy alliance' of engineers and contractors came to the surface if the news of substandard materials (silt) being used in the construction of embankments in those areas as telecast by the electronic media is anything to go by.

Again, another news telecast by the said media on May 11 showed how an embankment has been swept away, being unable to bear the brunt of the first torrential rainwater, with the heading 'Arrogance of Water Resource Department Minister Keshab Mahanta is swept away in the first torrential rain of the season'.

In addition, the Social Welfare Department also cannot claim to be corruption-free. The recent burning of a storeroom with myriad important documents involving thousands of crores of rupees is shrouded in mystery. But the one taking place in the Health and Family Welfare Department is the most appalling of all as aired by an electronic media. As reported, a very lucrative wholesale market takes shape in the Directorate of Health and Family Welfare Department, where a top official, with his brokers, sold (about to sell?) the posts of staff nurses and some other posts. Names of the official and brokers were also aired by the said media, thereby exposing the fact as to how deep-rooted corruption is in the Directorate. Thanks go to the RTI activist Dulal Borah who really deserves a pat on his back for letting the cat out the bag. Through this column of your popular daily, we appeal to our Chief Minister to arrange for enquiry into the scam either by NIA or CBI so that no culprit can go scot-free.

Ashok Bordoloi,


Why Madani?

Arshad Madani, head of Jamiat Ulema and a known figure among the Asomiyas due to his pro-Pakistani and pro-Bangladeshi stand, was recently seen with so-called intellectuals of Assam such as Dr Hiren Gohain and Manjit Mahanta. The trio, who appeared in one of the local news channels in a talk show, was very vocal against the Centre and the State government. People remember the role played by Dr Hiren Gohain during the Chinese aggression in 1962 where he stood by the side of the communist regime of China.

Now when the JPC has visited the State to get the feedback of the local people regarding the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016, what role do people like Arshad Madani have here? Does Arshad Madani represent any section of the indigenous people of the State? A communal leader like Arshad Madani is of course the voice of illegal Bangladeshis staying in the State.

Meanwhile, the KMSS leader and self-proclaimed champion of peasants, who was in hibernation post his exposure in a land grabbing case in Kaziranga allegedly in cohesion with a former State Forest Minister, too is seen getting closer to Madani, Dr Gohain and Manjit Mahanta.

Through this letter I appeal to the bona fide people of the State to be alert against the above-mentioned foursome. Let us have patience till the NRC is published.

Joel Daimary,


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