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Letters to The EDITOR: Tackle this Cancer

Letters to The EDITOR: Tackle this Cancer

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Tackle this Cancer

As per reports, political parties had been luring MLAs with offers of Rs 100 crore to form their government in Karnataka. If it is true (remember there cannot be fire without spark), how can the people expect a corruption-free administration and atmosphere in the country? The politicians must first be reined in to set examples of honesty and corruption-free dealings than anyone expecting others for the same.

As per the Global Corruption Barometer Report of 2014, corruption in India was at an all-time high - double the global rate. The cancer of corruption cannot be cured unless all political parties and politicians refrain from corrupt practices themselves first. It is a matter of shame that people elect corrupt politicians. Till we elect candidates who are corrupt, there would be no end to the cancer of corruption in the country.

The government must not allow any corrupt politician to go scot-free. Let all politicians, including that of the ruling party/parties, get a clean chit from the tax department for their holding of assets every year (including that of their spouses and children/close relatives), and publish the same in newspapers for public scrutiny as in a democracy the public has a right to know all assets, and their sources, of their leaders/politicians without any exception.


Gulmohar Park, Delhi.

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