Letters to THE EDITOR: Multipolar World Order

Letters to THE EDITOR: Multipolar World Order

Multipolar World Order

With reference to your report "India, Russia agree for multipolar world order", I would like to add that these informal agenda-less meetings of the Indian Prime minister with Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin has an undertow concept of securing a trust for cornering the US at the World Trade Organization (WTO). India cannot go for tit for tat options against the US with unilateral sanctions against US products exported to India. India can only request, but with support from two Asian poles she can certainly ask US President Donald Trump that his duel with Iran will hurt us. India is certainly losing on her feedstock advantage which she gained by improving her foreign exchange reserves when oil was dwindling at $30-50 per barrel.

As per the draft new energy policy by Niti Aayog, approximately 70% of our diesel imports and 95% of our petrol imports are used in the transport sector. With the 2019 Lok Sabha elections approaching, the present government needs to find a solution because the government's oil pricing policy has few subsidies and the major chunk is passed directly to customers. India cannot grow with a good GDP rate unless her energy needs are secured and in place. So, a geopolitical thought against the whims of Mr Trump needs to be addressed, and it cannot be better unless Russia, India and China stand together.

Rishi Raj,


High Time for BJP

It is high time for the Union government to take measures to bridle the soaring prices of petrol and diesel. As the recent increasing trend of the prices of these two items started immediately after the results of the Karnataka Assembly polls, the people of the country have every reason to smell a rat in the said increasing exercise. Time is not far when the prices of the two items would touch Rs 100 each per litre. As the prices of all the essential commodities are linked with petrol and diesel (transportation), obviously the increase in the prices of these two vital items has a direct impact on the prices of all the essential commodities. It is the misfortune of all the proletariat class of India that this class only has to bear the brunt of the heavy impact of the price hike.

Back in Assam, here all the MLAs and ministers, without loss of time, got their conveyance allowance increased. The Sarbananda Sonowal-led State government deserves a pat on the back for the quick decision and execution! Let Assam flourish and prosper under the guidance of such dynamic leaders!

Further, the defeat in the Gorakhpur and a few other Lok Sabha constituencies in the last by-election should be an eye-opener for the BJP.

Ashok Bordoloi,


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