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Letters to THE EDITOR: It's Very Strange

Letters to THE EDITOR: Its Very Strange

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It's Very Strange

I find one thing strange in Assam. It is that even when it comes to such a vital issue as life and death insofar as the issue of survival of a people goes, there is lack of unity or unanimity. I am talking of the HS Brahma Committee on land reforms. Since land laws in the State became outdated and the threat to the existence of the Assamese community grew in leaps and bounds, the Assam Government decided to form the committee to look into the issues in hand and come up with modern, pro-indigenous land laws. But what happened was that the committee came up with two reports, one by chairman Brahma and the other by committee members. In other words, there was no unanimity even in the matter of coming up with land laws to the aid of the indigenous people of Assam threatened by the unabated influx of illegal Bangladeshis into the State.

As a concerned indigenous citizen of India in Assam, I just wonder what came in the way of the committee that it became a such a pitiable failure even in coming up with a joint report, agreed upon by all in the committee and thus making it easier for the Sarbananda Sonowal government to put in place effective land laws.

Now, however, Dispur has decided to frame its own laws. This is a silver lining on the dark clouds.

Rakesh Baruah,


RPSC Avatar?

Assam has been rocked by agitations one after the other. All will concede unequivocally that all these irritations are caused by the BJP-led governments – both at the Centre and in the State. It began with the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016. Given the sensitivity of the issue, it instantly triggered a sense of insecurity among all sections of the Assamese society fearing that the Bill, once passed, would be like a replica of Tripura in Assam. As the agitations gained momentum with each passing day all through the State, there came another fatal blow on all sections of the people in the form of price rise of petrol and diesel non-stop, which resulted in yet another agitation. This time the agitationists directed their ire at the Prime minister asking him: "Is this the acchey din you promised before the Lok Sabha election?" And then came the most shocking news. Here we viewers could view a drama enacted by the Panchayat and Rural Development Department (P&RD). Written test was held as part of the drama. And lo! The result was also out. One cannot help lauding the dynamitic minister concerned. We find that Assam is resourceful enough to give birth to a hero like Rakesh Paul.

The people of Assam voted BJP to power to put the State in the zenith of glamour and that is what exactly our BJP leaders are doing, introducing yet another Rakesh Paul Service Commission (RPSC). The pioneer here is the P&RD.

Ashok Bordoloi,


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