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Letters to THE EDITOR: Our 4-Lane Construction

Letters to THE EDITOR: Our 4-Lane Construction

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Our 4-Lane Construction

Since the conceptualization of the four-lane highway project in Assam, it has been confronted with stumbles one after the other. Meanwhile, more than ten years have elapsed since the beginning of the construction works, but little progress has been registered so far. Many fatal road accidents took place due to dumping of stones, earth and other paraphernalia used in the construction, killing a good number of innocent people. The vagaries, whims and caprice of the contractors are still on. Only God knows how long the people of Assam, particularly people in upper Assam where the project is on, will be suffering. People are extremely disappointed and disgusted when the present dispensation declared that as the four-lane construction was on, there would be no need to repair the existing dilapidated ones. But soon the affected people started crying foul and resorted to agitation, closing the dilapidated roads and stopping the movement of vehicles. It is a common phenomenon nowadays. Then only was the State government jolted back to its sense, and it undertook repairing of roads half-heartedly. This is a clear indication that the State, of late, is passing through a predicament in respect of funds.

This year, in January, we visited Dubai where we spent one month. We would learn that a project assigned to a contractor must be completed during the specified time. Else the contractor would be penalized heavily for delay. The more the delay, the heavier is the penalty. In India, our political leaders dance to the tune of the contractors for reasons known to everybody. Assam too is not an exception. What we experienced during the Congress regime, the same phenomenon is experienced now.

At a time when our Prime Minister with his single-handed effort is asking all Indians not only to think big but also to see it in reality (Delhi-Meerut 14-lane), opening up a vista in surface transport in the country, it should be taken as a case in point. That apart, spectacular progress is registered in the defence sector, bettering diplomatic ties with most of the powerful countries. But all the BJP leaders of Assam are cutting a sorry figure as far as their performance is concerned. Now it is seen that our BJP leaders have also started behaving like their counterparts (Congress) to befool the gullible people of the State.

Ashok Bordoloi,


Sports University

With the Centre deciding to open a national sports university in Imphal, it is clear that at long last New Delhi has woken up to the sports potential of Manipur, be it in boxing or in football. This State is also home to the largest number of militant organizations in Northeast India. With the opening of a sports university in the capital of this State, one hopes that more sportspersons from it and also from the rest of the sports-inclined Northeast would come up and explore their hidden talents. One also hopes that the proposed university would hire the best possible members in its various faculties.

But what is perhaps more important is that the State governments of the Northeast should do something concrete from their own side by formulating such policies as would inspire more sports talents in schools to take up games and sports as profession.

Moon Saikia,


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