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Letters to THE EDITOR: Lynching: A Psycho Issue

Letters to THE EDITOR: Lynching: A Psycho Issue

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Lynching: A Psycho Issue

The public lynching of two youths from Guwahati in a remote area in Assam's Karbi Anglong district is not just a shame on humanity and the people of Assam in general and those of Karbi Anglong district in particular, but is also reflective of the degeneration of human psychology.

The two youths were repeatedly pleading before the mad mob, probably all drunk, that they were innocent tourists and Assamese by community but there was none from the lunatic mob to pay heed to the cries of innocence. The two had to be killed because they were child lifters! And they were child lifters just because some mad person had earlier taken to a 'social' media platform to make the announcement that child lifters were on the prowl in the area! And they had to be, therefore, eliminated because with their offbeat looks – long hair in the case of one – they resembled criminals! Well, these two guys were creative persons out to learn something from the verdant hills of that district and rejuvenate their music creativity.

That is just one side of the story. The other side is more terrifying: Humans were after humans, humans were out to kill two human beings just out of a perception, mere perception, nothing else. And they had no hesitation to beat the two youths to death. Killing at its savage best. This is absolute savagery.

Therefore, the degeneration of humanity in the instant case into absolute savagery is a psychological issue, and this needs a psychological treatment. Either the culprits have to hanged to death so as to instill deep fears in the minds of any such would-be savage people or such villages as a whole should be isolated completely from the mainstream first and then given counseling of a meaningful kind. The issue is very, very serious. Mere protests on streets and candle lights in the evening will not do, nor will any TV debates of the routine kind.

Shivani Kalita,

Silpukhuri, Guwahati.

Mob Madness

The unfortunate and ghastly lynching of two youths on suspicion of them being child lifters in Karbi Anglong district has jolted every individual's faith in humanity. It has undoubtedly hung the face of every Assamese in shame and disgust. The villagers who say that they fell to rumours of the youths being child lifters can never justify the heinous crime of the mob. The role of police and civil administration seems to be very dubious in the entire incident. One has a reason to wonder how a mob can continue such brutal torture for hours together at a location barely 20 minutes from a police outpost. The incident has exposed lawlessness and the hollowness of the so-called administration at critical times. It has also a discriminative perspective, as has been revealed in the viral video where the youths screamed of their identity of them being Assamese.

In recent years, the northeastern States have experienced an outpouring of mob violence that is pervasive across the country. The gravity of the matter demands a high-level inquiry by the CBI and the accused should be tried in fast-track courts. The incident leaves behind some great questions in one's mind as well. Where is Assam heading to? Where has humanity been lost? Where is an Assamese safe if not in his own land?

Shajid Khan,

Tangla, Udalguri.

Misbehaviour by Uber

On June 9, I booked an Uber taxi from Ambari, Guwahati to Fancy Bazaar at 18:36 hours. Then I got call from the Uber cab driver ( mobile number 910171042) where he expressed his inability to attend the booking. The driver was of the opinion that there was heavy traffic in Fancy Bazaar area and so he was not willing to move. Then I asked him to cancel the booking as cancellation of booking from the customer's side is chargeable. I was firm that since the driver was refusing to attend the booking he should cancel the booking. Then at the next minute I got another call (3371170963) from Uber. The person on the line without any rhyme and rhythm started abusing me for cancelling the booking. I was repeatedly telling him that it was the cab driver who had refused to go by the booking but the person on the line was refusing to listen to me. He was threatening me for cancelling the booking.

I strongly object to such unruly behaviour. I, through your esteemed daily, want to lodge a complaint to the higher authorities of the Uber company. The cab drivers as well as call centre people should be taught basic manners.

Aparna Chowdhury,


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