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Letters to THE EDITOR: Diabolic Game Plan

Letters to THE EDITOR: Diabolic Game Plan

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Diabolic Game Plan

The sensational revelation regarding the plot to assassinate Prime Minister Narendra Modi by the Maoist forces is bound to raise eyebrows. Kudos to our intelligence sources that the dirty ploy was unearthed. It is further revealed by a Pune court as to the ugly nexus between a few Congress leaders and Maoist leaders. One shudders to think how a political party of over a hundred years of existence can stoop to such low just because it is out of power! Also, by questioning the authenticity of the Pune police report some Congress leaders have in fact proved their links with the Maoists. Indian politics has already stooped very low, and now the ploy to eliminate the democratically elected prime minister of the nation has further lowered the political platform to the nadir.

Himadri Chekanidhara,

Bihpuria, North Lakhimpur.

Theft at Rehabari

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives serving the purposes of us being connected to the rest of the world, to faraway friends and relatives, and for banking, shopping, dining, and for booking tickets for holidays and movies. And now imagine your mobile phone disappearing from your life or, to be more cruel, being snatched away from your own hands! This is what exactly is happening in Madhabdebpur, Rehabari in my city Guwahati.

It is mainly a residential locality with houses on both sides of a narrow lane which takes us to Sharabbhati. Madhabdebpur is on the backside of the Directorate General of Police (DGP) office, Guwahati with two police check posts guarding the lane and the headquarters. Though the head office of Guwahati police is in close proximity to the locality, still there have been numerous cases of mobile phones, wallets, purses and gold chains being snatched away from the hands of people by teenaged boys in scooties even in broad daylight.

The number of such cases has seen a steep rise in the last few months, and complaining to police has not helped at all. When the common people approach the police for help with these cases, they quite easily say that the snatchers zip away in their scooties in these narrow lanes and so it is difficult to get hold of them and also that they are teenagers who need daily money for their drug addiction, and therefore it is the responsibility of us as good citizens to be cautious all the time!

But let us pause here and question as to why the police force has come into existence. The police department had been set ages ago to maintain law and order and to prevent and detect crime. But the rise of such crimes right under the nose of the police office yet again proves the fact that they strongly lack vigilance in giving security to the public. How did the boys who have just reached their teens have the audacity to commit such crimes right under the police check posts? We as common people are doing our part of being extra cautious and conscious all the time, but why can't we have the freedom of walking around peacefully in our own locality?

As of now, this is just a case of things being snatched away from our hands but what if this leads to burglary and eventually physical attacks on us when we try to stop them? I, as a victim of such theft, along with the rest of the public would like to strongly raise questions on the police force for it being not able to stop such petty crimes. We would like to recommend that it is never too late to realize the shortcomings. And we would therefore request the police force to gear up and regain the lost confidence they had among the general public.


Rehabari, Guwahati.

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