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Letters to THE EDITOR: Scam in Chaffy Grain

Letters to THE EDITOR: Scam in Chaffy Grain

Sentinel Digital Desk

Scam in Chaffy Grain

The list of the tainted officers/bureaucrats working in the different departments of the Assam Government during the Congress regime is a long one. The ghost of the unending tale of corruption during the said regime still haunts the present one. While some tainted officers are meted out punishment, many could escape scot-free for some mysterious reasons. Interestingly enough, many of those leaders and ministers of the Congress under whose patronage the Congress was termed synonymous with corruption are now pretending to be Sham Abraham and messiah of the people. Their body language suggests that they are up and doing to protect the people of Assam when they vociferously criticize the present regime.

We take the case of Nilamoni Sen Deka, the first-time agriculture minister of that regime who was allegedly mired in unending cases of corruption. But no action appears to have been taken against him so far. Another news in the print and electronic media suggests that the farmers of Goalpara district incurred heavy loss as a result of the unproductive rice seeds (chaffy grain) provided to them by the present agriculture department. Apart from Goalpara, at many other places such seeds were distributed. In fact, sahabhagi seeds supplied to the farmers by the agriculture department turned out to be unproductive rice seeds. We should be grateful to the farmers that there is no report of suicide cases as the ones that have happened in other states. Agriculture Minister Atul Borah took a serious note of the issue.

It seems the department is still haunted by the ghost that rocked Assam at one point of time. The Chief Minister appears to have slackened his grip on misdeeds, thus diluting his much-hyped zero tolerance. We can understand well that a very strong racket is still active in the agriculture department.

Through your esteemed daily, we appeal to the Assam Chief Minister to arrange for finding out the guilty and punish them severely, if required by parading them on the streets with handcuff on so that no such crime recurs in any department of the state government.

Ashok Bordoloi,


The FT Issue

It has been learnt that the Gauhati High Court has pulled up some foreigners tribunals (FTs) of the State for their failure to dispose off some critical cases of foreigners, all illegal Bangladeshis, to be precise. These FTs were casual in their approach in dealing with the cases concerned. In all these cases, the immigrants who were declared Indian nationals were dubious in nature in the sense that they could well have summoned resources to prove themselves as Indian citizens despite the reality being otherwise. The fact of the matter is that there is no shortage of their political patrons. There could be many so-called secular leaders, such as from the Badruddin Ajmal-led AIUDF, who have left no stone unturned in ensuring the conversion of illegal Bangladeshis into Indian citizens. The Congress is also not lagging behind.

If the FTs whose duty it is to ensure that the cases of illegal immigrants are disposed off leaving no room for any suspicion and thus ensuring that illegal foreigners are not free to roam around the State and get settled here as Indian citizens, are failing in their all-important duties, even God cannot save this land.

We are very concerned. The Gauhati High Court is our only hope apart from the Supreme Court. We remember how the Supreme Court had scrapped the discriminatory and unconstitutional IM(DT) Act in 2005.

Shivani Kalita,

Silpukhuri, Guwahati.

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