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Letters to THE EDITOR: United Nations' preposterous stand

Letters to THE EDITOR: United Nations preposterous stand

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United Nations' preposterous stand

Of late, two very sensitive States of India -- Jammu & Kashmir and Assam -- have become hotbeds of controversy. The issue centering the controversy is purely India's internal matter, any outsider poking its nose in the internal affairs of a sovereign country is supposed to be persona non grata. This is what exactly is felt in United Nations' unwarranted observations on these two sensitive border States of India. We, the lesser mortals cannot fathom the idea that a deep conspiracy against the Government of India is being hatched internationally. In the first instance, as alleged by the United Nations, what is happening in Kashmir is tantamount to violation of human rights by our army. In the second instance, the United Nations alleged that non-inclusion of people belonging to the minority community living in Assam in the National Register of Citizens (NRC) would render lakhs of such people stateless. As lesser mortals likes us would feel like challenging and questioning such preposterous proposition of a world famous organization of the stature of the United Nations that are never acceptable to conscious Indians. As a measure to bolster the Green Revolution the British allowed infiltrations from the erstwhile East Bengal, but finding enormous stretches of barren lands the people have been infiltrating into Assam and the matter assumed such a serious proportion that a historic Assam Movement had to be launched. It is ironic and an unpalatable fact that the Congress that ruled India since independence, barring four occasions, connived the issue for fear of losing vote bank. Even under BJP's regime now the matter has not improved satisfactorily. We helpless indigenous people are of firm convictions that the alarm bell for us has already started ringing as we are soon going to be wiped out by the incessant infiltrations from Bangladesh. We could see 'Mini Bangladesh' in lower and central Assam and also in the northern bank of the Brahmaputra. Thanks to the intervention of the UN that puts a step forward to destroy the good works of Gopinath Bordoloi, the Prime Minister of Assam in the independent India. All our hypocrite politicians, mainly the Congress, cannot pull us out of the wood. Can the BJP do so?

Ashok Bordoloi,


Strange bedfellows

The common saying of 'strange bedfellows' in English vocabulary is very much applicable in Indian politics. It is definitely not strange to find two political parties with poles apart ideologies become alliance partners just first the sake of power. Jammu & Kashmir and Karnataka are the present examples. Though the BJP pulled out of the PDF-led government in Jammu & Kashmir recently, it continued for three years. Similarly in Karnataka, after the election result the Janata Dal led by former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda's son HD Kumaraswamy partnered with the Congress, simply in lustre of power. Both the parties were sworn enemies in the run-up to the elections. The results were also not in favour of any of the two parties who partnered to run the government.

'Government of the people, by the people, for the people' as prescribed by former US President Abraham Lincoln seems to have lost its relevance in India.

Dr Ashim Chowdhury,

Ambari, Guwahati.

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