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Letters to THE EDITOR: Gogoi's Frequent Press Meets

Letters to THE EDITOR: Gogois Frequent Press Meets

Sentinel Digital Desk

Gogoi's Frequent Press Meets

Tarun Gogoi's frequent press meets are doing much harm to Assam and its people. His press meet on July 14 as published in The Sentinel is nothing but a malicious attempt to incite minority people in Assam to violence on the eve of the publication of complet NRC draft on 30/07/2018. It is also much annoying and disturbing for the NRC authorities who are working hard under the supervision of the Supreme Court. Gogoi even does not have the elementary knowledge about how NRC update in Assam is going on. Although NRC work is done by the Assam Government employees, the State government does not have any hand on NRC update; it is strictly in accordance with the guidance and supervision of the Supreme Court.

Before the complete draft of the NRC is published, how could Gogoi say that thousands of names of genuine citizens of Assam are eliminated from the NRC. What magical power does Gogoi enjoy to know the inside and secret information of NRC before its publication. He declares that all persons whose names are there in 2014-2016 electoral rolls are genuine citizens without scrutiny and examination of any record. Nowhere in any country in the world Gogoi's such formula of determining citizenship of a person is accepted. If Gogoi believes his method of determining citizenship is correct, what prevents him from convincing the Supreme Court? If his method is correct, NRC update work in Assam is only a one-week exercise.

Gogoi should understand that all citizens (of a particular age) are voters but all voters are not citizens.

Paramananda Bora,

Jyoti Path, Bhetapara,

House number 25,

Guwahati 781028.

Clearification on Missing Sale Deeds

With due respect, I would like to clear the stand of the Sr. Sub Registrar of Kamrup(M), Guwahati, his clarification on the news report on missing property deeds that was published on the July 15, 2018 issue of The Sentinel. The Sr. Sub Registrar termed the news report as 'baseless' and 'without having any foundation'. This is totally wrong and not acceptable. Significantly, all the facts and figures of the report were collected from the office of the Sr. Sub Registrar who had even admitted the loss of several original deeds and their hard copies after their scanning and digitizing before the Chief Information Commissioner in a case {KP(M)903/2017) dated 18/1/2018.

Sir, I strongly deny the loss of all the 181,489 deeds as the Sr Sub Registrar of Kamrup(M) mentioned in his clarification. Neither have I alleged nor has The Sentinel published about the loss of 181,489 sale deeds. The daily has only rasied a question about the whereabouts of the deeds.

Sir, in his clarification the officer has wrongly projected me as one who levelled baseless allegations. The incident came to light when I filed an RTI before the DC, Kamrup(M) seeking certified copy of deed no. 5031 of dated 16/2/2017 and till now the Sub Registrar's Office has not provided me a copy of the said deed despite the passage of a long period. They obtained enough time from the CIC & CIC office also that gave dates after dates to supply the copy of the said deed. But the Sub Registrar's office has failed to meet the timeline issued to it.

Sir, at the initial stage of second appeal hearing, the said officer didn't mention the information about the filing of FIR in Panbazar PS on 5/12/2016. He, however, mentioned it while furnishing his affidavit to the CIC. It is very surprising that my deed no 5031 does not find a place in the list of missing deeds mentioned in the FIR. The question arises is: as to where has my deed gone and how much time will it take to find out the said deed? Is it to be taken as OK or is it happening only in the case of my deed or in the case of a large number of deeds out of the total of 1,81,489 deeds? The names are not listed in the FIR. I have filled a case in the CM's Vigilance Cell on 1/6/2018 with the hope that the actual truth will be revealed.

Utpal Das,

(President, Forum of Conscious Citizen),

Fatasil, Ambari, Ghy 24.

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