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Letters to THE EDITOR: Assam Accord: A Failed Accord

Letters to THE EDITOR: Assam Accord: A Failed Accord

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Assam Accord: A Failed Accord

AASU and AGP both consider Assam Accord as Gita, Koran, Granth Sahib and Bible. But is it really so? When Praffulla Mahanta signed Assam Accord in New Delhi it was jubilation for people but in reality it was lollipop that was given to Praffulla Mahanta and company. Their demand for 1951cut off date was revised and set as 1971. After the inking of the Assam Accord, lakhs and lakhs of illegal Muslim Bangladeshis got settled in the state. AGP who came to power did another blunder by making Abdul Muhib Majumder Law Minister who enacted IMDT act.

AGP and Congress are responsible for today's turbulent atmosphere in the state. Both these political parties along with AASU were mum when lakhs and lakhs of illegal Bengali Muslims infiltrated into the state illegally making the indigenous people of the state microscopic minority in 12/14 districts of the state. Further it has also created rift between indigenous Hindus and Muslims as in present scenario both of the communities doesn't have faith on each other. If Bengali Muslims of Bangladesh origin are not welcome then similarly Hindu Bengalis of Bangladesh too are unwelcome. There cannot be double standard in regards to one community.

I appeal to various organisations like AASU, AJYCP, Sahitya Sabha to demand for 1951 as cut off date, as a failed accord cannot be taken as benchmark.

Tanvir Ahmed,

Sunpur, Nalbari.

Questioning Dr Gohain

Addressing Dr Hiren Gohain, as a citizen of the state, I do not want you to become a stickler of secularism. Your secularism attitude has made you more violent against Hinduism. But sir, if you have the secularism attitude truly in the heart, then you should not have the right to play the one sided game following the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in the state. I do not understand your secularism which you have been playing with your active role against the bill so that the Hindu Bengali people could not stay in the territory of Assam. But why does not your voice go against the religious minority people in the state. Are they patriots? And the Linguistic Minority people, who are they? Are they traitors? If you want Assam to be a real secular state, then your active role must support equally both the Hindu and the Muslim or if you have the attitude of mankind, you must support the Hindu Bengali people too. Because they are not animals. They are human. Sir, is the rising of Hinduism harming you and your co-colleague -Akhil Gogoi? If you were born in Bangladesh or Pakistan as a Hindu, you would have learnt the panic of struggle of life.

Pranjal Sarma,


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