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Letters to The EDITOR: Politics without Principle

Letters to The EDITOR: Politics without Principle

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Politics without Principle

Mahatma Gandhi said, "Politics without principle is meaningless." Gandhiji could very correctly assess the mindset of our politicians even 71 years ago. Had Gandhiji been alive today, imagine, what would have been his assessment about Indian politics and politicians? Now, politicians of the day have the audacity to throw all civility, probity and principles to the wind most brazenly! The tragedy is that they fail to realize the basic tenet that political power is required to do good for the public. Instead, they use all political clout to make their own empires and construct their political foundation on firm footing.

Of late, a new trend has emerged in the scene. Some politicians in India are seemed to have behaved like the agents for creating political chaos and religious disharmony in the country. A no holds barred situation is also prevailing in the country where political opponents are being targeted in public discourse. Obviously, these are all ills for a democracy. All the happenings would make us believe the remarks of George Bernard Saw that "Politics is the last resort for the scoundrels".

Prafulla Dowarah,


Tobacco Products

On January 19, a workshop on how to control consumption of tobacco under the patronage of New-Delhi consumer voice and Assam consumers Legal Protection Forum was held in Dibrugarh. The main focus of the workshop was how to keep the new generation, particularly, the young ones away from any product made of tobacco. The participants including some state officials expressed their grave concern about the way the rules are flouted by the shop keepers. It is reported that a survey conducted in Guwahati, Dibrugarh and Jorhat revealed that 87% of the shops selling tobacco products are doing so without displaying the statutory warning, and they do not possess any license which is compulsory. In each of such shops, the advertising signboards of tobacco products are conspicuously hung above the shop to attract the consumers, 33% of such shops sells cigarettes taking out from the packets one by one. In the discussion, the name of Dibrugarh was specifically mentioned where all the rules concerning selling of tobacco products are thrown to the winds. The conscious citizens are of the view that most of the youths addicted to taking of tobacco products, mainly Ghutkas, are simply pushed to the jaws of death by the concerned authority (The Police) of the Government. Time is still not running out. The police ought to tighten and toughen its stand to destroy all such products sold illegally causing serious health-problems of the upcoming youths. Will the superintendent of police take a tough stand to destroy the products illegally sold and prevent the danger looming large on our youths?

Ashok Bordoloi,


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