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Letters to The EDITOR: Clean the department

Letters to The EDITOR: Clean the department

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Clean the department

When a department is crippled by corruption in the name of development (read giving face-lift to the dilapidated roads), there is virtual looting of government money by the contractors in cahoots with certain corrupt officials of PWD as suggested by the reports of the electronic media. The report shows two specific cases – one in Morigaon and the other in Dhekiajuli. In the former case, roads constructed were of such sub-standard quality that within 24 hours the new roads constructed were uprooted with its entire layers. Viewing the uprooted layers we feel as if the sight is deriding the PWD minister. The report telecast in the latter case suggests that an amount of Rs 18 crore has been sanctioned to construct roads in eighteen tea estates, we could view the manifestation of the poor quality with which roads of the said tea estates are constructed. These two specific cases speak volumes of the state of affairs in the PWD. Everyone knows that the minister is a good critic; given the chance he leaves no stone unturned to criticize those who are his adversaries not only vociferously but acrimoniously too. Will the minister have introspection and clean his department, sacking the corrupt officials, if necessary?

Ashok Bordoloi,


BJP functionary in Government programme

The 2nd ASEAN - India Youth Summit is being held at Guwahati from February 3, 2019 to February 7, 2019. It is definitely a welcome initiative. However, what is worrying and very odd is that Ram Madhav, the national general secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is participating in the programme, and unfortunately is blatantly advertised with his photograph, to promote and create awareness about the programme. While participation from various walks of life is definitely desired, the role of a political functionary is unwanted, and is condemnable, in a government function, involving many nations. We must understand that government programs and party politics do not go together.

A Bhuyan,


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