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Letters to The EDITOR: Election time gimmicks

Letters to The EDITOR: Election time gimmicks

Sentinel Digital Desk

Election time gimmicks

It is election time and in this highly charged atmosphere, each political party in different formations is raking up issues, many of which were not in the radar for last 5 years or so. The Ram Mandir at Ayodhaya is an example as to how BJP is making efforts to enthuse its core constituency; it has also promised to dole out cash to the farmers before the elections, along with reservations to the economically weaker sections among the general castes. The Congress, on the other hand, is talking about farm loan waivers and minimum income to the poor. How these play out after the elections is anybody's guess. Many political promises are made before elections, but these are hardly acted upon, and remain mostly as promises.

With a literacy rate of about 70%, Indians should wake up and hard check facts and data, before making a decision as to whom to vote. After elections, it is also the responsibility of the citizens to hold the government and the party in power to accountability. Else, the citizens of the country would continue to be fooled with "jhumlas" even in the next few elections

A Bhuyan,


A high-voltage political drama

A high-voltage drama is still on in Kolkata vis-a-vis Chief-minister Mamata Banerjee's tough stand on the action of CBI who came to Kolkata for arresting the Kolkata Police Commissioner on charges of taking money from 'Sharada'. Ms Banerjee alleged that it was an evil design of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who in a show of political vendetta used the CBI as a tool to destabilize her Government. Banerjee further alleged that Ajit Doval, the National Security Advisor, asked the CBI to howl on her Government at the behest of the Prime Minister.

On the other hand, BJP alleges that Rajib Kumar, the Kolkata Police Commissioner who allegedly accepted money from Sharada Chit Fund, further it is alleged by BJP that Rajib Kumar meanwhile destroyed evidences that might land him in trouble. Sensing more such destruction, the CBI team consisting of twenty members came to Kolkata to raid Sri Kumar's house-to find out more evidences. But Ms Banerjee ordered her Kolkata Police to arrest all the members of the CBI team who are now in Jail. Ms Banerjee began a 'Sit-in-demonstration' (Dharna) at the city center, which as she stated was to save the federal structure of the Country. CBI, meanwhile knocked the door of the Supreme Court, the apex court asked CBI to furnish evidence against Sri Rajib Kumar. The outcome of verdict is expected by Tuesday (February5).The high-voltage political drama in Kolkata is creating commotion throughout the country.

Ashok Bordoloi,


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