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Letters to The EDITOR: Authorities should prepare permanent audio-video statements on frequent tragedies

Letters to The EDITOR: Authorities should prepare permanent audio-video statements on frequent tragedies

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Authorities should prepare permanent audio-video statements on frequent tragedies

There are routine statements by dignitaries posted on high posts on tragedies like when a foot-overbridge collapsed in Mumbai on March 14, 2019. Such usual statements expressing shock and deep regret include a high-power committee which will be set up to probe the tragedy, guilty ones will not escape punishment, compensation will be paid to kin of victims, free medical-treatment will be available for those injured etc.

But since public memory is very short, no one comes to know about report of high-level committees set up to probe and the punishment provided to guilty ones, thus resulting in more such incidents in the future. Even Mumbai witnessed such incidents earlier also.

Since practically no remedial measures are seen to have been taken up, it is better that persons seated on high posts do not waste their precious time in going to the accident sites and giving routine statements. Permanent audio and video recording can be prepared and played on the accident site and press conferences etc whenever such accidents occur. Otherwise highly posted persons giving such statements should be punished, while case report of probe committee should be published and guilty ones exposed and punished in a time-bound manner.

Madhu Agrawal,

1775 Kucha Lattushah,

Dariba, Chandni Chowk,


Detection and deportation of foreign nationals

We have been crying foul over the issue of illegal immigration from across the border of Bangladesh. Equally alarming is the fact that some of these illegal immigrants staying in Assam are members of the dreaded terrorist groups who are always in the lookout for subversive activities, the arrest of some such activists from time to time corroborates our contention. They get mingled with the local people in such a way that they look like one from among the mass. Now as usual the apex court again comes to our rescue. Both the central and the state governments are censured by the apex court for taking such a serious issue of illegal migrants with a lackadaisical approach. The alarming increase of population of religious minority in central and lower Assam has become a matter of grave concern. No sincere effort has been made by both the Union and State governments to detect and deport the illegal migrants. In our opinion, the central government is more accountable for its failure and lack of proper guidance or guidelines to the state government. The Union government is maintaining a cordial relation with Bangladesh. So, the government is in constant fear that once action is taken against the illegal migrants, it would instantly sour the relationship, come what may. Hence, the slamming of the Supreme Court! It is reported that 900 detected foreigners have been lodged in a detention camp by the government of Assam whereupon the apex court wondered had the number of detected foreigners been 9000, what would have been the situation.

Ashok Bordoloi


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