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Over the years, all those traffic signal lights that were installed around Guwahati slowly one after another have stopped working due to natural wear and tear and lack of maintenance


Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  11 Sep 2022 2:39 PM GMT

Improper Traffic Signal Lights In Guwahati

Years ago, when traffic signal lights were first installed in many intersections of Guwahati, it was a new thing for the residents. It took the commuters some time to get used to them but it was ultimately a great step in the right direction to employing proper driving and traffic etiquette for Guwahati residents. Traffic signal lights are installed to help the flow of cars and pedestrians crossing the road. They are manned by traffic police officers who also can use whistles and other means to direct vehicles and road crossers. Over the years, all those traffic signal lights that were installed around Guwahati slowly one after another have stopped working due to natural wear and tear and lack of maintenance. Currently, only a handful of those is still functioning. Traffic police officers are still employed at all the major intersections, but it is often hard to correctly make out their hand gestures, which is even harder to spot from distance even than that, most of the traffic police officers in Guwahati seem to be highly untrained or having lack of work ethics to do their job properly. There is no alternative to traffic signal lights as they are easy to spot by everyone in the traffic, they are easy to understand and because they are automated, they help control the flow of traffic uniformly. I request authorities to reinstall traffic signal lights in Guwahati at the earliest. Being the hub of Northeast India and a metro city, it is rather shameful that Guwahati lacks such a basic feature in this day and age. I would also like to urge that some of the currently employed traffic police officers either need to do their duty properly or to go through a revision training period as most of them are poor at doing their job.

Kajol Singha,

Cotton University

The Plight Of Government Schools

Assam Education Minister Dr Ronoj Pegu, in a letter a few days ago, said the Government lacks funds to solve the infrastructure and various problems of schools. The success rate of 30 higher secondary schools in Assam in the last High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) examination was 0%, and that of 108 higher secondary schools was less than 10%. It is due to the lack of attention of the Assam government to improve the overall quality of education in government schools. In addition to that, 800 schools in the state have been closed. What is happening to the public education infrastructure in Assam that the schools are performing so poorly? Does the government face a cash crunch that it cannot provide the schools with their necessities? Even low-budget private schools are performing better than government schools. Students from government schools shifting to private schools is a growing trend. Or is it the continuous declining quality of government schools that has compelled students to move to private schools?

Neeshant Das,

Bhetapara, Guwahati.

Helping Our

Furry Friends

As the heat is reaching new highs every year, we need to understand that our little furry friends like array dogs and cats suffer even more than we do. Extreme heat leaves them often dehydrated and they don't have proper shelter, food and drinking water. It is their world too as much as it is ours and because they are very much helpless in this day and age because of the development we have brought, it's our responsibility to take some care of them. We can start by letting them take shelter in our houses and building. They only take space in some corners they can find outside of the buildings where they get shed from sun and rain. Next, we can keep a plate or bowl outside our houses which we can fill with water and leftover food. These two things can be a great deal of relief for these stray animals. I urge everyone to stand up to animal abusers and even take the help of the law if necessary as animal abuse is a criminal offence. I also request those who are unaware of it not to separate dogs that are mating by force as it permanently scars them and causes severe bleeding, other infections and diseases later on. Stray animals are our friends and they don't bother anyone unless bothered first. They deserve to coexist in our societies and require little help from everyone. I hope more and more people will educate themselves on this subject and take needful actions.

Kajol Singha,

Cotton University.

Beautification Of The Terrorist Grave!

With my limited knowledge, I understand that the word 'TERRORIST' means one who kills unarmed innocent people to serve his purpose and whereas a 'MARTYR' means who lays down his or her life to protect unarmed people and his nation. So, in this context, Yakub Menon who murdered more than 250 unarmed innocent civilians in Mumbai should be out and out regarded as a terrorist and he rightly faced the ultimate penalty for his heinous sin and was hanged death. But very recently it was reported that his grave in Mumbai was beautified by the then Maha Vikas Aghadi government which comprises Shiv Sena, Congress and NCP under the leadership of Uddhav Thackeray, son of great Lt Balashaheb Thackeray, the founder of Shiv Sena. The act of beautification of the grave of Yakub Menon was done by none other than the infamous Nawab Malik, a very close associate of Dawood Ibrahim and a sleeper cell of Pakistan. The MVA government's decision to beautify the grave of terrorist Yakub Menon is the extreme height of appeasement policy towards a particular religious community, known as Vote bank or secularism at the cost of the nation's security and integrity.

Joel Gayari,


Queen Elizabeth Was A Dignified And Simple Royal Woman

Queen Elizabeth II who died of old age at the age of 96 on September 8 was a very dignified and beautiful royal simple woman. She provided inspiring leadership to her nation and her people. Her calmness was unique and behind her quiet smile and proper voice, there was a shy lady who loved animals and the countryside. She was beautiful in how she possessed riches while enjoying the simple things in life like walking with her dogs or driving her vehicle or riding a horse. She had her way of a humble and simple living.

She was the longest-serving monarch with 70 years of reign in the United Kingdom and several commonwealth realms. The world will never forget her warmth and kindness. She made three state visits to India throughout her reign – in 1961, 1983 and 1997. May her soul rest in peace!

Jubel D'Cruz,


Queen Elizabeth Ii

Queen Elizabeth II was the longest-serving monarch in British history and the world's oldest head of state. The Queen's monarchy saw 15 different Britain Prime Ministers - from Sir Winston Churchill to Liz Truss. She travelled more than any other international leader, and as the world's oldest head of state, she always used her distinctive form of quiet diplomacy to represent the United Kingdom around the world. She was widely regarded as a symbol of stability, working tirelessly to make sure her monarchy remained relevant during a period of immense social, technological and economic changes. At 96, the queen died after overseeing the countless changes to a country often at the forefront of scientific innovation, at the centre of the Commonwealth of 52 countries, and whose language still dominates the world, but which is now searching for its path after leaving the European Union. Queen Elizabeth II was a monarch par excellence, who will now be mourned across the globe.

Sivakumar Ranganathan

Chennai – 600 091

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