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Letters to THE EDITOR: Turn Coat

Letters to THE EDITOR: Turn Coat

Sentinel Digital Desk

Eminent educationist Dr. Hiren Gohain's role during the Assam Agitation must be fresh in people's mind. He along with a few others with Left ideology he opposed Assam Agitation of 1985. He even went on to oppose the Assam Accord. Though I myself consider nothing in front of Dr. Hiren Gohain, but can firmly say that he, in association with Akhil Gogoi, is trying to add fuel in the current scenario. Now suddenly Dr. Hiren Gohain lectures big in the support of the Assam Accord. It is nothing but to capitalize on the current violent situation in the state. People like Akhil Gogoi and Dr Hiren Gohain, Haider Hussain, Manjit Mahanta, and others are misleading the public about the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill. They being public figure should have explained in details about the Bill to the public and its pros and cons. Instead, they gave misinformation to the people and Dr Hiren Gohain urged people for Swadhin Asom. The call for independent Assam is an act of betrayal to the nation. Will he accept his fault if tomorrow some youths take up arms and go rampage against any particular community? Surely Dr Hiren Gohain and company will hide under the carpet.

It is strange to see how a person of Dr Hiren Gohain's calibre can camouflage. 35 years back he was staunch in opposition to the Assam Accord and suddenly he is now acting as a staunch supporter of the Accord. Such turn coat attitude from a person of Dr. Hiren Gohain's fame looks ugly. Considering Dr. Gohain's age, he should play a responsible role towards the society as still people consider him buddhijibi but he is instead playing a role of confusing people. It better suits people like Manjit Mahanta, Akhil Gogoi and our politicians who are masters in opportunistic and turncoat politics.

Francis Ekka,

Talap, Tinsukia.

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