Retain Eyes Moisture: Here's How To Take Care Of Your Eyes During Winter

Retain Eyes Moisture: Here's How To Take Care Of Your Eyes During Winter

Retaining wetness can help combat dryness to the eyes throughout the winter season, says an opthalmologist. Dry, itchy eyes are a common problem within the winter due to low humidity. “On average, the humidity drops within the winter with the atmospheric condition,” Marissa Locy, a coach within the department of ophthalmology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, was quoted as as saying by Health Day.

“In addition, most of the people activate the warmth in their homes or offices to combat the cold. So, what you finish up having is lower humidity outside, and even lower humidity inside, creating for heat, dry conditions wherever wetness will evaporate from the eyes faster than normal,” she said.

The study highlighted ways in which to retain moisture, thereby combating dryness to the eye throughout winter season due to lower humidity. If you spend time in heated locations, use a humidifier to feature some wetness back to the air. Drink lots of fluids. Keeping your body hydrous can facilitate maintain wetness in your eyes, Locy said.

Direct blow heating onto your face ought to be avoided because of this will dry up moisture in your eye. Moreover, in car, heat vents should to be directed towards the lower body. Wearing eye protection or a hat with a visor when outdoors to stay particles and wind from stepping into your eyes could be a should, the report same.

Since eye may dry even a lot of with contacts in atmospheric condition, carrying clean contacts reduces the danger of infection and cutaneous sensation. Consult with your doctor as occasional bouts of dry eyes will eventually progress into dry disease, Locy noted.

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